Pulse of Life: Interview with Future World Music’s Founder Armen Hambar

Future World Music has released a chilling new album, entitled Pulse of Life and consisting of “epic action and science-fiction fantasy adventure” music, “a tour de force of pure epicness” from composers Armen Hambar, Vlado Hudec and Aram Mandossian.

Almost a year in the making, this album evokes life –  both fragile and precious; “time, space, planets, the solar system and our heart beats are all connected”, says Armen Hambar, founder of Future World Music. Inspiring and majestic at times, dark and dramatic at others, Pulse of Life invites you to a journey filled with adventure and emotions.

The full album is available for listening on the Future World Music website.


Trailer Music News: What inspired you for the creation of this new album, entitled Pulse of Life?

Armen Hambar: Well, “life” inspired this new album. As time is flying by it makes one realize how short and precious life is. So, the concept of Pulse of Life is how time, space, planets, the solar system and our heart beats are all connected. The album artwork and all the music in this epic album reflect this concept.

TMN: What is the main difference between Pulse of Life and previous releases?

AH: I think all the previous albums have their own style and theme. Pulse of Life has a more futuristic, inspiring and hopeful theme to it.

TMN: This is the second time you work with composers Aram Mandossian and Vlado Hudec, after Zero Hour. How has your collaboration evolved? 

AH: Both Aram and Vlado have the trailer music formula perfected. I mentioned this in the Zero Hour interview; I put an ad out in the online Film Music Network and received hundreds and hundreds of submissions. I was looking for composers who had a similar writing style as I do and they both completely stood out from all the composers who submitted music. On Pulse of Life I was more involved with some of the arrangements/production and probably drove both Aram and Vlado a little crazy :). And, as you’ll hear, all the compositions speak for themselves. We’ll be definitely working together again on more albums in the future. I love these guys!

TMN: A new public release is planned in December. Can you tell us more about it?

AH: Honestly, I don’t know yet. I may release a compilation like previous public albums or just release Volumes 12 and 13 in their entirety. Not sure at this point.

TMN: Do you have other particular projects for the future?

AH: Yes, Aram, Vlado and I will be working on another album, Editor’s Toolkit, soon, and after that a big top secret project which will really blow everyone away. That’s all I can say for now.  Stay tuned!

Pulse of Life is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Future World Music.

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August 20, 2014
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