Zero Hour: Interview with Armen Hambar

Zero Hour is Future World Music’s latest industry release. This new opus of “Epic Action and Sci Fi Fantasy Adventure” features beautiful, dynamic and refreshing new trailer music, with an atmosphere that is dark and futuristic at times, and positive, inspirational or heroic at others.

For Zero Hour, composer and owner Armen Hambar worked with two new – and talented – musicians: Vlado Hudec, and Aram Mandossian.

Here is a short interview with Armen Hambar about Zero Hour:

Trailer Music News: Why the name “Zero Hour”? What is the concept of this new album?

Armen Hambar: There were a few album title ideas that I was considering. But, in the end it was based on the track “Zero Hour” which has a futuristic military/sci-fi emergency theme to it. So, the album artwork, created by the talented Daniel Kvasznicza, reflects the “Zero Hour” track concept and the futuristic theme.  The artwork really is visually stunning.

TMN: You worked with two new composers on this album, the talented Vlado Hudec and Aram Mandossian. Tell us a bit about your collaboration with them.

AH: Yes, very talented composers. I put an ad online in the Film Music Network and received hundreds and hundreds of submissions. Both Aram and Vlado stood out from everyone else. For the Volume 12 tracks, I gave them some musical direction and they really came through. They were both a pleasure to work with and extremely professional. I really wanted to make an impact with this album and I believe it was achieved.

Here is “Descent Back to Earth”, by Aram Mandossian:

TMN: Do you intend to work with more composers in the future?

AH: Possibly.  For certain, I will continue to work with both Aram and Vlado on future albums. I am starting on the next album as soon as possible.  Stay tuned.

Listen to “Engines of Creation”, by Vlado Hudec:

TMN: Were the tracks recorded live, or did you use samples as well?

AH: All of us used both live players and samples which is the standard these days.

“Discover “The Courage Within” by Armen Hambar:

TMN: What are your plans for the future? Perhaps a third public release?

AH: Yes, definitely more public releases. I have a few projects in the works. I’m planning on doing an album with actual songs with male and female vocals. And, of course, I’ll be releasing the standard industry albums as well.

TMN: Anything else you would like to share with us? 

AH: Thank you to all FWM fans for their support and to you TMN for yours.  It is very much appreciated.

TMN: Thank you!

You can listen to the whole album on Future World Music’s website. For licensing information, contact Future World Music.

UPDATE – December 09, 2014 – Zero Hour is now available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

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