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X-Ray Dog: New Orchestral Releases

The catalog features new albums – Baron Von Doghausen, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Instinct. Read more→

X-Ray Dog: ‘Sir Barksalot’, ‘St. Bernard’ and ‘Rabid’

Two albums of orchestral music and one of cinematic rock are among the new additions to the catalog.
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Epic Playlists for Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, some trailer music companies have prepared several surprises for their fans – discounts, public compilations, medleys… Read more→

New Epic Music from X-Ray Dog!

The company recently released Master, Leader, Shepherd and Pure Bred. And yes, it’s epic. Read more→

X-Ray Dog: Guard Dog

An album of heroic and action-packed music. Read more→

Top Ten Funniest Moments in the History of Trailer Music

Discover some epic moments in the history of trailer music!

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X-Ray Dog: Beast Break

A Modern/Heroic/Drama/Action album. Read more→

Summer Brainstorming

Discover the latest releases, including Trailerhead: Saga from Immediate Music! Read more→

Interview with Chris Field

Chris Field is an X-Ray Dog composer who did several iconic songs, including “Gothic Storm”, featured in the Lord of the Rings trailers. Read more→