Junkies For Epic Music

West One Music: Ultimate Trailers

An album of hard-hitting epic action music. Read more→

West One Music: Epic World

Epic World is West One Music’s new epic release Read more→

Interview with Edwin Cox

Edwin  is the managing and creative producer of West One Music Group.  If you are curious what is the job of a creative producer: click!  Read more→

West One Music’s Latest Releases

Several epic albums were recently added to the West One Music catalogue. Read more→

News Mix for February

Since there are bunch of news piled up, I decided to post them together as a bunch. So go ahead. (in order of importance maybe?) Read more→

West One Music: Homecoming Heroes

A new album, composed by Patrick Thomas Hawes. Read more→

West One Music: Strings of Sorrow

A new album, composed by Richard Harvey. Read more→

New Releases From West One Music and Q-Factory

Discover Epic Journeys and Epic Action & Adventure. Read more→