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Nu Epiq: Interview with Immediate Music’s President Yoav Goren

Find out more about the new opus from the famous Trailerhead series.
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Immediate Releases Trailerhead: Nu Epiq, a Genre Defining New Album

This is the fourth opus from the famous Trailerhead series. Read more→

Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

Watch a new video interview with Yoav Goren and discover some exciting news! Read more→

Triumph: Interview with Yoav Goren

Yoav Goren talks about Triumph, the new Trailerhead album from Immediate.

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Trailerhead: Triumph Album Art Contest

The contest, organized by Immediate Music for their next album, has just started.

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Are you Ready to Triumph?

The album cover art contest for Immediate’s next album, Trailerhead: Triumph, will start very soon. Are you ready? Read more→

Trailerhead: Saga Review

Trailerhead:Saga is the second installment of public releases from the highly prolific production music company Immediate Music.  Read more→

Summer Brainstorming

Discover the latest releases, including Trailerhead: Saga from Immediate Music! Read more→