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The Hit House: ‘Tales’ and ‘Spheres: Lucid’

While Tales is filled with adventure and wonder, Lucid conveys a full spectrum of emotions. Read more→

‘Bloodborne’ Original Trailer Music: Interview with The Hit House

Learn more about the creation of “Hunt You Down”, a custom track composed by The Hit House to promote the new video game Bloodborne.
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The Hit House’s Over Re:Action

Why settle just for a reaction, when you can get an over reaction? Discover the company’s new release, bold and furious… Read more→

The Hit House: Neurotic Re:Action

Feeling neurotic? Forget Freud. Forget Jung.
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The Hit House Releases Elementary Re:Action

The Hit House’s latest industry release – and an explosive one. Read more→

The Hit House Releases Two Albums to the Public

Chemical Re:Action and Re:Action Earth are now on iTunes.
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The Hit House’s Re:Action Earth

The Hit House recently released an epic and dramatic album.

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