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Colossal Trailer Music: ‘Zeitgeist’, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Encounters’

The Colossal Trailer Music catalog features three new industry releases. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music: ‘Terra Firma’ and ‘Apocalyptica’

Discover the new industry releases from Colossal Trailer Music. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music (ex-“Sub Pub Music”): Beautiful World

This new orchestral release is an invitation to a soaring musical journey. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Cryogenesis

Sub Pub Music just released an aggressive and grimy hybrid/orchestral album.
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Sub Pub Music’s Latest Releases

Sub Pub Music has released many albums over the past months – Outlandish, Memoria Invictus,Tears of Winter, Land of the Brave, Labyrinth… Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Equilibrium

Dark, gritty and hard-hitting, Equilibrium is Sub Pub Music’s intense new release.
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Sub Pub Music: Drowning Abyss

Welcome to the colourful world of pirates! Heroic and action-packed, this album will take you on exciting adventures at sea. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Discover an ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Submersive

An ethereal and compelling album release from Sub Pub Music. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Ununpentium

Sub Pub’s new industry release delivers aggressive and dramatic hybrid orchestral music. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Rise

An album featuring composer Alexandre Guiraud. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: The Cauldron Born

A remastered version of the hybrid/orchestral album is out. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Revolt

The company’s latest release is a dark, modern hybrid/orchestral album.
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