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Sencit Music: Tenth Dimension Vol. 18 and 19

The Tenth Dimension album series, from Sencit Music, comprises two more volumes. Read more→

Sencit Music: Tenth Dimension Vol. 15

The new volume of the Tenth Dimension catalog offers very diverse music. Read more→

Volumes: a Best Of Sencit Music

Volumes is a new public release from Sencit Music, following many requests from fans. Read more→

Sencit Music: Tenth Dimension Volume 14

The fourteenth volume of Tenth Dimension, recorded live in Budapest, was recently released by Sencit Music. Read more→

Sencit Music: aEmotive

Sencit releases an epic and inspirational album. Read more→

Sencit’s Singularity Now Available to the Public

Sencit Music releases one of their albums to the public. Read more→

Video Interview with Sencit Music

Last November I sat down with Mike Zarin and Tony Hajjar of Sencit Music. Here is part 1 of that interview. Read more→