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Fired Earth Music: Vesuvius

The company releases a new epic opus. Read more→

City of the Fallen Composer Ryan Amon Scores Elysium

The score of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi was composed by Ryan Amon. And it is available for purchase. Read more→

Fired Earth Music: Olympians

A best-of  of the Fired Earth Music library. Read more→

5 minutes with Ryan Amon

Learn more about Fired Earth Music’s latest epic album Immortality! Read more→

Fired Earth Music: Immortality

Immortality, composed by Ryan Amon, is Fired Earth Music’s ninth release.
Read more→

New Avengers Trailer Features City of the Fallen

Ryan Amon’s “Prince of Darkness” from Exsilium is used in the trailer. Read more→

City of the Fallen: Divinus

The company just released their first public album, Divinus.
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Summer Brainstorming

Discover the latest releases, including Trailerhead: Saga from Immediate Music! Read more→

City of the Fallen: Exsilium

The company releases a second volume! Read more→

Interview with Ryan Amon

Ryan has already written music for PostHaste Music and he just started his own company: City of the Fallen.  Read more→

Introducing: PostHaste Music

Hoy, hoy! A new album series is published by West One Music. Read more→