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City of the Fallen Composer Ryan Amon Scores Elysium

The score of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi was composed by Ryan Amon. And it is available for purchase.

Fired Earth Music: Olympians

A best-of  of the Fired Earth Music library.

5 minutes with Ryan Amon

Learn more about Fired Earth Music’s latest epic album Immortality!

Fired Earth Music: Immortality

Immortality, composed by Ryan Amon, is Fired Earth Music’s ninth release.

New Avengers Trailer Features City of the Fallen

Ryan Amon’s “Prince of Darkness” from Exsilium is used in the trailer.

City of the Fallen: Divinus

The company just released their first public album, Divinus.

Summer Brainstorming

Discover the latest releases, including Trailerhead: Saga from Immediate Music!

City of the Fallen: Exsilium

The company releases a second volume!

Interview with Ryan Amon

Ryan has already written music for PostHaste Music and he just started his own company: City of the Fallen. 

Introducing: PostHaste Music

Hoy, hoy! A new album series is published by West One Music.