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Titan Approaching: PostHaste’s New Public Release

A new best-of from the company, available to the public. Read more→

PostHaste: Distant Cosmos

An ominous, heroic and futuristic album, composed by Andrew Prahlow. Read more→

PostHaste: Apex Revolution

Epic, dramatic and uplifting, this album features Mark Petrie’s signature sound.
Read more→

PostHaste: A Magnificent Journey

An album composed by Stephen Barton for family/adventure trailers and promos.
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PostHaste Vol. 16: Undeniable Fate

Dramatic and epic, the sixteenth volume features composers Mark Petrie and Andrew Prahlow.
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PostHaste Music Vol. 15: Courage and Power

An album capturing the fearless courage of superheroes! Read more→

PostHaste Music Vol. 13, Grand and Heroic: Interview with Mark Petrie

Discover PostHaste Music’s latest trailer release, composed by Mark Petrie. Read more→

Interview with Mark Petrie

An exclusive interview with composer Mark Petrie, who works for PostHaste Music and other trailer music libraries.  Read more→

Introducing: PostHaste Music

Hoy, hoy! A new album series is published by West One Music. Read more→