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Position Music: Elysium

Jo Blankenburg’s highly-anticipated album is finally here.  Read more→

Interview with Jo Blankenburg

Composer Jo Blankenburg talks about his musical experience and his upcoming and highly-anticipated album Elysium.
Read more→

Verge Of Total Chaos: Interview with Danny Cocke

Read an interview with Danny Cocke, the composer behind Position Music’s new release, Verge Of Total Chaos. Read more→

Jo Blankenburg’s Upcoming Album Elysium

Jo Blankenburg’s next album will be released in a few weeks.  Read more→

Position Music: Behemoth

Position Music released a behemoth. Read more→

Position Music: Rise Above Review

Reviewing the latest addition to Orchestral Series. Read more→

Position Music: Wonderstruck

The latest album from the Orchestral Series by Position Music is here! Read more→

Position Music : Action!

Two new action albums have been released by Position Music. Read more→

Position Music: Vendetta

Vendetta is the sixth volume of Position Music’s Orchestral Series. Read more→

Position Music: Orchestral Series Vol. 05 – Christmas

Position Music is prepared to Christmas shopping spree! Read more→

Position Music: Orchestral Series Vol. 04

The fourth volume, composed by James Dooley, is released! Read more→