Junkies For Epic Music

Ninja Tracks: Dissident

Hybrid, aggressive, dramatic… Discover the company’s new release. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Collapse

A modern, action-packed and suspenseful album, composed by Jochen Flach. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: A Million Stars Falling

A modern and dramatic album featuring composer Raouf Rectobiasi. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: ‘Elemental’ and ‘Keep What You Kill’

Ninja Tracks’ new releases deliver music that is perfect for major movie advertising campaigns.
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Ninja Tracks: Sovereign, The Primer

A modern and exciting album of synth-based trailer music. Read more→

Ascension: Ninja Tracks’ New Public Release

Ninja Tracks just released their album Ascension on iTunes – with a bonus track featuring Tina Guo! Read more→

Three More Albums from the Full Tilt Catalog on iTunes

Revamped versions of the three first albums of the Full Tilt catalog are available for purchase. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Signals

The seventh opus of the Revolution album series is packed with massive and dark trailer music. Read more→

Ninja Tracks’ Sovereign Album Series

The series focuses on dark and intense hybrid music with sound design elements. Read more→

Ninja Tracks’ Latest Releases ‘Revolution: Ascension’ and ‘One’

Ascension is a highly-anticipated industry release, while One represents the company’s first public album.
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Full Tilt: Leviathan

Epic and dramatic, Leviathan is the latest release from Full Tilt, featuring composers Jeff Broadbent and Carlos Martinez. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Vivid

The company surprises us again with a new epic release.
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Full Tilt Releases End Game to the Public

A second album from Full Tilt is available to the public.
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Ninja Tracks: Revolution Dominion

The third opus of the Revolution catalog is about to be released! Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Genesis

Discover Ninja Tracks’ new album! Read more→

Full Tilt: Saga

Full Tilt’s first public release! Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Zero

Ninja Tracks has released a new album, Zero.  Read more→

Trailer Talk: Vampires & Liam Neeson

I’ve decided to start a weekly series where I highlight some of the new trailers or tv spots that have come out. Read more→