Junkies For Epic Music

J2: Dawn Of Destiny

A new solo album by J2, powerful and emotional. Read more→

Chroma’s Latest Releases

The company’s most recent releases include Binary Storm, Ambush, Sampler Vol. 3 and Sampler Vol. 04. Read more→

Interview with J2

Meet producer and composer J2, known for his successful trailer-oriented reworks of famous pop/rock songs, as well as his recent collaboration with Chroma. Read more→

Chroma & J2: Immortal

Highly-anticipated, this EP marks the third collaboration between Chroma and J2. Read more→

Chroma: J2/LV Part 1

J2 and Lucas Vidal collaborated for this new release. Read more→

Chroma & J2: Playing With Fire

Chroma’s third industry release is already here. Read more→