Junkies For Epic Music

Immediate Music: Epic Olympic Dreams

Immediate Music makes the 2012 Summer Olympic Games much more epic! Read more→

Trailerhead: Triumph Album Art Contest

The contest, organized by Immediate Music for their next album, has just started.

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Are you Ready to Triumph?

The album cover art contest for Immediate’s next album, Trailerhead: Triumph, will start very soon. Are you ready? Read more→

Immediate Music: Quantum

Quantum is the latest orchestral addition to the Immediate Music catalog, featuring epic action and drama cues. 

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Immediate Music: Epic Adventure

Immediate Music’s latest epic release! Read more→

Immediate Music: Fantasy & Imagination 1

Immediate Music’s latest album is now available for listening on UNIPPM. Read more→

Getting Globus to Europe: New Attempt

Do you want to see Globus in Europe? Act NOW! Read more→

Epic Christmas with Globus

The Christmas holidays are coming soon, and, as every year, Globus has prepared a very nice surprise for the fans: a holiday special. Read more→

Immediate Music: Cinematic Soundscapes

Immediate Music releases a new album, composed by Greg Townley.
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Globus: Break From This World

Break From This World, by Globus, is available for pre-order.
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How to Sell Thor in Japan: Use Immediate Music

How do you advertise a movie about an alien warrior named Thor who defends Earth, in Japan? The same way you do it in the US of course: great music! Read more→

Harry Potter 7 Part 2: the Trailer Music

Immediate Music’s “Lords of the Realm” was featured. Read more→

Globus’ Second Album

Read some updates about the upcoming album. Read more→

Trailer Music Live: coming to Russia

Variety interviewed Yoav Goren, composer and co-founder of Immediate Music Read more→

Epic December at Imperativa Records

Imperativa Records has prepared an epic December for the fans! Read more→

Globus Songwriting Contest

Globus is organizing a contest for their next album. Read more→

Trailerhead: Saga Review

Trailerhead:Saga is the second installment of public releases from the highly prolific production music company Immediate Music.  Read more→