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Immediate Releases Trailerhead: Nu Epiq, a Genre Defining New Album

This is the fourth opus from the famous Trailerhead series.

Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

Watch a new video interview with Yoav Goren and discover some exciting news!

The Growing Success of Trailer Music in Various Shows

Trailer music is used more and more often in various shows and events around the world.

Top Ten Funniest Moments in the History of Trailer Music

Discover some epic moments in the history of trailer music!

Triumph: Interview with Yoav Goren

Yoav Goren talks about Triumph, the new Trailerhead album from Immediate.

Immediate Music: Epic Olympic Dreams

Immediate Music makes the 2012 Summer Olympic Games much more epic!

Trailerhead: Triumph Album Art Contest

The contest, organized by Immediate Music for their next album, has just started.

Are you Ready to Triumph?

The album cover art contest for Immediate’s next album, Trailerhead: Triumph, will start very soon. Are you ready?

Immediate Music: Quantum

Quantum is the latest orchestral addition to the Immediate Music catalog, featuring epic action and drama cues. 

Immediate Music: Epic Adventure

Immediate Music’s latest epic release!

Immediate Music: Fantasy & Imagination 1

Immediate Music’s latest album is now available for listening on UNIPPM.

Getting Globus to Europe: New Attempt

Do you want to see Globus in Europe? Act NOW!

Epic Christmas with Globus

The Christmas holidays are coming soon, and, as every year, Globus has prepared a very nice surprise for the fans: a holiday special.

Immediate Music: Cinematic Soundscapes

Immediate Music releases a new album, composed by Greg Townley.

Globus: Break From This World

Break From This World, by Globus, is available for pre-order.

How to Sell Thor in Japan: Use Immediate Music

How do you advertise a movie about an alien warrior named Thor who defends Earth, in Japan? The same way you do it in the US of course: great music!