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We’re in Awe with Gothic Storm’s New Release

The Awe trilogy offers albums with different styles – orchestral, rock and electro.
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Gothic Storm: Rebirth

A sweeping orchestral album from composers Chris Haigh and Gabriel Brosteanu. Read more→

Gothic Storm: Miracle of Life

A collection of epic emotional music with orchestra and acoustic guitars, by Gabriel Brosteanu. Read more→

Gothic Storm: ‘Heroes Of The Apocalypse’ and ‘Look To The Stars’

Don’t miss two exciting releases from Gothic Storm. Both are available to the public for purchase. Read more→

Gothic Storm’s New Public Release ‘Dragons And Kings’

The company’s biggest release to date is now available for purchase via iTunes!
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New Gothic Storm Releases: Dragons, EDM and Emotions are Here

Dragons, EDM and emotions: Gothic Storm’s new albums offer various styles of music – always in epic fashion of course. Read more→

Gothic Storm: ‘Gothic Action’ Album Series Now Available to the Public

The three action-packed albums can be purchased through iTunes & Amazon. Read more→

Cavendish Trailers: ‘Dark Drama’ Album Series

Discover Cavendish’s three new trailer albums. Read more→

Interview with Chris Haigh

An interview with Gothic Storm’s lead composer.
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Gothic Storm: Epicstep

Dubstep is dead! Long live epicstep… Read more→

Exciting News from Gothic Storm

Two of their albums just got released to the public, in addition to the industry release of three other albums. Read more→

Epic Speed: Interview with Dan Graham and Chris Haigh

Read an interview with two of the Gothic Storm composers – Dan Graham and Chris Haigh.  Read more→

Gothic Storm: ‘Epic Euphoria’ Album Series

Discover Gothic Storm’s fresh and dynamic new albums. Read more→