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Glory, Oath & Blood: Souls In Gravity

A compelling modern drama album, focusing on the human mind. Read more→

‘Live As Lions’ from Glory, Oath & Blood Now Available to the Public

A year in the making,¬†Live As Lions¬†is a major release from the company. Read more→

Glory, Oath + Blood: Live As Lions

A year in the making, this album offers epic orchestral music, recorded live.
Read more→

Glory, Oath & Blood: Fearless

A massive and action-packed hybrid/orchestral album. Read more→

Glory, Oath & Blood: Babylon Z

A tour de force of otherworldly fantasy action adventure trailer cues. Read more→

Introducing Glory, Oath & Blood

Founded by Robert Leslie Bennett in 2014, Glory Oath + Blood is the side project of a clique of accomplished Hollywood film composers.

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