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Support Geraint Luff’s Kickstarter Campaign to Mix and Master his Album of Epic Rock

If you love Globus and epic rock in general, feel free to support the Kickstarter campaign from composer Geraint Luff. Read more→

Nu Epiq: Interview with Immediate Music’s President Yoav Goren

Find out more about the new opus from the famous Trailerhead series.
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Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

Watch a new video interview with Yoav Goren and discover some exciting news! Read more→

Globus : Studio Live

Globus have released two videos featuring live studio performances of two songs from their latest album, Break From This World. 

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Globus: Epicon Songbook

This songbook is the result of many fan requests. Read more→

Globus’ New Music Video “Save Me”

This is the first music video based on a song from Globus’ second album, Break From This World. Read more→

Getting Globus to Europe: New Attempt

Do you want to see Globus in Europe? Act NOW! Read more→

Epic Christmas with Globus

The Christmas holidays are coming soon, and, as every year, Globus has prepared a very nice surprise for the fans: a holiday special. Read more→

Globus: Break From This World

Break From This World, by Globus, is available for pre-order.
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Globus’ Second Album

Read some updates about the upcoming album. Read more→

Trailer Music Live: coming to Russia

Variety interviewed Yoav Goren, composer and co-founder of Immediate Music Read more→

Epic December at Imperativa Records

Imperativa Records has prepared an epic December for the fans! Read more→

Globus Songwriting Contest

Globus is organizing a contest for their next album. Read more→

Globus: Epicon Review

Epicon is the first studio album of Globus which was released in 2006.  Read more→