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Fired Earth Music: Ultimatum

Fired Earth Music’s seventh album, Ultimatum, is finally here! Read more→

West One Music’s Latest Releases

Several epic albums were recently added to the West One Music catalogue. Read more→

Fired Earth Music in Budapest: We Were There!

An exciting letter arrived in Trailer Music News’ mailbox last Thursday from Hannah Vice, Creative Producer of Fired Earth Music. The letter said that three new Trailer Music albums were being recorded in Budapest and that, if we’d like, we could come by and check out the process. Of course we had to! Read more→

Summer Brainstorming

Discover the latest releases, including Trailerhead: Saga from Immediate Music! Read more→

Fired Earth Music: Bellitas

Firing up some classical sounds. Read more→

5 minutes with Fired Earth Music’s ‘Cyanite’ composer

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic explains the creative process behind Fired Earth Music’s second chilling album, Cyanite.

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Fired Earth Music: Cyanite

Fired Earth Music releases its second album. Read more→