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Twelve Titans Music’s First Public Album, ‘More Than Human’

The company recently released a thrilling collection of epic, dramatic and heroic tracks, used in various trailers. Read more→

Fringe Element: Triton

This new album delivers modern, cinematic and dramatic music.
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Thor: The Dark World Trailer Music Now Available to the Public

Fringe Element’s custom cue is available for free download!

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Fringe Element: Book of Secrets

Fringe Element releases an album full of mysteries. Read more→

Fringe Element: Goliath

Fringe Element’s new industry release.
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Liquid Cinema’s Omega: Modern Hybrid Trailers

Omega  Liquid Cinema’s latest album, is out. Read more→

Fringe Element: Legacy

The Red Arc Music catalog features a new trailer music album. Read more→

Fringe Element: Eclipse

A new album, composed by David Travis Edwards. Read more→