Junkies For Epic Music

Brand X Music: Meta (aka: “The Most Effective Tactic Available”)

This release introduces new composers and never before heard sounds. Read more→

Brand X Music: Portal

Intense and emotional, Portal is the latest release from Brand X Music’s theatrical catalog. Read more→

Brand X Music: Xplorers

The “Xplorers” set off on their greatest (musical) adventure yet… Read more→

Battle For Dawn: A New Best-Of From Brand X Music

The company celebrates 15 years of “epicness” with a new public release. Read more→

Brand X Music: Evolution and Entropy

A double release featuring cinematic styles for heroes and villains.
Read more→

Chronos: Brand X Music Celebrates 15 Years of Epic Success

Heart-pounding, sweeping and timeless, the album marks the company’s 15th anniversary.  Read more→

Epic Playlists for Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, some trailer music companies have prepared several surprises for their fans – discounts, public compilations, medleys… Read more→

Brand X Music: Ancient Times Vol. 01

Brand X’s new album offers a journey back to medieval kingdoms, where history and fantasy collide.
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Brand X Music: ReGenesis

Powerful and compelling, ReGenesis is a groundbreaking new release. Read more→

The Latest Epic Releases From Brand X Music: ‘X Marks The Spot’ and ‘Epyllion’

For the curious ones, the latest industry releases from Brand X Music are now available for listening on company’s revamped website. Read more→

Brand X Music: Amalgamate

A new thrilling public album, compiling tracks from the successful industry releases Incubate and Illuminate. Read more→

Brand X Music: Incubate, and Illuminate

The company recently released two brand new albums. Read more→

Top Ten Funniest Moments in the History of Trailer Music

Discover some epic moments in the history of trailer music!

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Brand X Music Volume 15 Now Available to the Public

Brand X Music’s album is now on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Read more→

Brand X Music: Volume 15

Brand X Music has finally released Volume 15. It contains a high dose of epic music! Read more→

The Best of Brand X Music

The countdown is over! Announced a few weeks ago, Brand X Music’s first public album, The Best of Brand X Music, is finally out. Read more→

Interview with Brand X Music

John Sponsler, Tom Gire and Josh Lynch give us a behind the scenes look! Read more→

Brand X Music: Family, Adventure & Comedy Vol. 03

Brand X Music’s Family, Adventure & Comedy Vol. 3 is finally out! Read more→

Zimmer Lines Up Trailer Music All Star!

Hans Zimmer will work with several trailer music composers on the score of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean. Read more→