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audiomachine: Life

An inspirational, emotional and uplifting collection of 28 tracks.  Read more→

audiomachine: Worlds of Wonder

Celebrating magic, mystery and mayhem, this album was recorded in Abbey Road Studios. Read more→

audiomachine: Prototype

This new industry release offers dark, grinding and hybrid music. Read more→

Decimus from audiomachine Now Available to the Public

Experience audiomachine’s signature sound with their major recent release.
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audiomachine: Decimus

Experience audiomachine’s signature sound with Decimus, a major new industry release featuring “epic mind” Paul Dinletir. Read more→

audiomachine: Titan

This new exciting industry release offers heroic, dramatic and emotional music. Read more→

audiomachine’ New Public Release ‘Magnus’

The company has released a new collection of fan favorites on iTunes. Read more→

audiomachine: Intros

Contrasting with previous albums, Intros is the company’s new industry release. Read more→

audiomachine’s Phantasm

A fresh new collection of dramatic and heroic tracks. Read more→

audiomachine: Monolith

A powerful, aggressive album, composed by Kevin Rix. Read more→

Music for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Some of the music used in promos is available to the public for purchase. Read more→

audiomachine: Existence

audiomachine releases a new album to the public, entirely composed by Kevin Rix. Read more→

audiomachine: Phenomena

audiomachine releases a phenomenal industry album, composed by Paul Dinletir.

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audiomachine: Origins

Discover the company’s latest industry release.
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audiomachine Celebrates 50,000 Fans on Facebook

… With a free downloadable compilation of their most requested tracks! Read more→

audiomachine: Tree of Life

audiomachine releases one more album to the public, the much-anticipated Tree of Life.  Read more→

audiomachine: Millennium

An album entirely composed by Kevin Rix. Read more→

The Growing Success of Trailer Music in Various Shows

Trailer music is used more and more often in various shows and events around the world. Read more→