Junkies For Epic Music

Audio Network: Supervoid

Supervoid is part of a new collection of epic trailer music, Maximum Impact. Read more→

Audio Network: Scoring Sessions

Diverse and ever-growing, this new collection offers music for picture with music editors in mind. Read more→

Audio Network: Galaxies Collide

Spectacular, epic and inspirational music, truly out of this world! Read more→

Audio Network: Orchestral Trailers

Epic new music composed by Terry Devine-King! Read more→

Trailer Talk: Who’s John Carter?

There’s been some talk about John Carter’s poor marketing campaign. Read more→

Audio Network Music in Chronicle Promotion

You may have seen this promotional video that’s been spreading across the internet. Read more→

Audio Network: Blockbuster Movie Trailers Vol. 03

Looking for new epic music? Audio Network’s latest album, Blockbuster Movie Trailers 3, may interest you. Read more→