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Future World Music: Mother Earth

A collection of modern orchestral tracks, packed with action and adventure.
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Future World Music Releases ‘Zero Hour’ to the Public for Christmas

Fans can now purchase the album on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon. Read more→

Future World Music: Behold

A new exciting public release, perfect to start 2014 in music! Read more→

Zero Hour: Interview with Armen Hambar

Read an interview with composer Armen Hambar about Future World Music’s latest industry release, Zero Hour. Read more→

Future World Music: A Hero Will Rise

Following Reign Of Vengeance, A Hero Will Rise is Future World Music’s second public release.

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Future World Music: Millennium Review

A review of Future World Music’s latest release. Read more→

Future World Music Vol. 11: Millennium

Almost a year in the making, the long-awaited Volume 11 – Millennium is finally here! Read more→

Interview with Future World Music

Composer Armen Hambar, founder of Future World Music, gives us a very interesting insight into his company. Read more→

Happy (Epic) Easter!

Great Easter eggs have been distributed for this occasion – including Fired Earth Music’s first public release, Reign of Vengeance! Read more→