Junkies For Epic Music

Immediate Music: Omega 3

Dramatic, suspenseful, this album was composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. Read more→

Immediate Music: Omega II

The second volume of the highly acclaimed Omega series, composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. Read more→

Immediate Music: Cyberian Now Available to the Public

A fast moving collection of  relentless action oriented songs. Read more→

Immediate Music: Memories

A collection of inspiring, reflective and beautiful piano and orchestral tracks.
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Decade: Celebrating One of Immediate Music’s Alums, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Imperativa Records released a compilation of Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s most popular tracks composed for Immediate Music.

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Epic Score: Four New Releases

Journey Beyond the Sky, Strength to Believe, Blaze of Glory and Ravaged World bring you exciting new music.

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How to Sell Thor in Japan: Use Immediate Music

How do you advertise a movie about an alien warrior named Thor who defends Earth, in Japan? The same way you do it in the US of course: great music! Read more→

Epic Score: Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 08

Without any previous hypes, the 8th volume of the Epic action & adventure series has arrived by Epic Score. Read more→

5 minutes with Fired Earth Music’s ‘Cyanite’ composer

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic explains the creative process behind Fired Earth Music’s second chilling album, Cyanite.

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Fired Earth Music: Cyanite

Fired Earth Music releases its second album. Read more→