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Gothic Storm: ‘Heroes Of The Apocalypse’ and ‘Look To The Stars’

Don’t miss two exciting releases from Gothic Storm. Both are available to the public for purchase. Read more→

Epic Score’s Latest Releases

Earthrise, Vengeance and Judgement Day are out, and available on iTunes and Amazon.
Read more→

Chroma’s Latest Releases

The company’s most recent releases include Binary Storm, Ambush, Sampler Vol. 3 and Sampler Vol. 04. Read more→

Immediate music’s Latest Releases

Discover Fields of Glory, Omega, Gates of Valhalla, and several other new albums… Read more→

audiomachine: Titan

This new exciting industry release offers heroic, dramatic and emotional music. Read more→

Songs To Your Eyes’ Latest Releases

Discover Angel Warrior, The Borg and Pulverize, three powerful albums. Read more→

GRNLR: Chaos

Chaos is a dark and cinematic hybrid/sound design release from GRNRL, offering industrial, epic, action music. Read more→

Sub Pub Music’s Latest Releases

Sub Pub Music has released many albums over the past months – Outlandish, Memoria Invictus,Tears of Winter, Land of the Brave, Labyrinth… Read more→

Soundcritters’ Latest Releases

Dragons And Fireflies, Postrock, and Revenant represent the company’s new albums.

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Dos Brains’ Latest Releases

The Silver Screen catalog and the Third Rail catalog both features several new albums. Read more→

Volta Music’s Latest Releases

Discover Slow Burn, Deep Drama, Riot, Ignition, Enchanted Adventure and Overdrive. Read more→

4 Elements Music: Devastator EP

Recently released by 4 Elements Music, Devastator is an EP offering a dynamic rollercoaster ride. Read more→

Universal Trailer Series: ‘Heroes Themes’ and ‘Family Features’

Heroes Themes and Family Features are the latest additions to the Universal Trailer Series catalog. Read more→

Introducing Glory, Oath & Blood

Founded by Robert Leslie Bennett in 2014, Glory Oath + Blood is the side project of a clique of accomplished Hollywood film composers.

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UNCHARTED Contest: Win a signed copy of ‘This Is Epic Music Vol. 01’

The album compiles tracks featured in trailers for various Hollywood blockbusters and recently released by Imperativa Records. Read more→

KPM Trailers: Epic Choral Trailers

KPM Trailer recently released a dark and heroic album. Read more→

Fired Earth Music’s Latest Releases

The company’s new albums include Indestructible, Ecliptium and Metal Fury. Read more→

Volumes: a Best Of Sencit Music

Volumes is a new public release from Sencit Music, following many requests from fans. Read more→

Really Slow Motion’s Latest Industry Releases

Illume, The Tesla Project, From Ash To Flame, Mammoth, Second Earth and DNA Vol. 01 represent the company’s most recent industry releases.

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