Trailer Music News

Junkies For Epic Music

Fired Earth Music: Epic Heart

Uplifting and emotive orchestral cues full of inspiration, intrigue and wonder.

Really Slow Motion: Elevation

An album of sweeping and inspiring music. 

dos brains: Resistance

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”!

Two Steps From Hell: Amaria

Two Steps From Hell’s latest industry release was composed by Thomas Bergersen.

ATLAS Epic Music: Angelus Infernum

The company releases a collection of insane electro orchestral cues.

Two Steps From Hell: Quarantine

An industry release with a futuristic tone.

Really Slow Motion: Golden Abyss

This new release reveals musical gems, filled with emotions.

Position Music: Resonance Theory

Tom Player releases his first album through Position Music.

switch.: Supernatural

switch’s new release delivers epic fantasy music.

Sub Pub Music: Rise

An album featuring composer Alexandre Guiraud.

Calliope Music Design: Liberté & Edge of the World

The company debuted in April 2014 with five collections of albums.

Nu Epiq: Interview with Immediate Music’s President Yoav Goren

Find out more about the new opus from the famous Trailerhead series.

Ethos Music: The End Of Everything Now Available to the Public

The album can be purchased through digital platforms such as iTunes.

Sencit Music: aEmotive

Sencit releases an epic and inspirational album.

Eon Sounds Productions: Undaunted

The first trailer music album from the company.