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Really Slow Motion Releases ‘Elevation’ to the Public

This inspiring and emotional album, originally released to the industry a year ago, is now available on iTunes. Read more→

Cinemasounds: Epic Journeys

Cinemasounds just released a powerful album of heroic adventure, taking you on distinctive epic journeys. Read more→

Dos Brains: Blood Moon

The epic sci-fi album is part of the Silver Screen catalog, published by dos brains. Read more→

Ravage: End Of Silence’s Debut Album

Ravage is the debut album from the new trailer music label End of Silence, published by Really Slow Motion. Read more→

Two Steps From Hell: Stronger, Faster, Braver

An album of music perfect for extreme sports. Read more→

Gargantuan Music: Human

Human is a new public album from Gargantuan Music, featuring heroic and inspiring music. Read more→

Support Geraint Luff’s Kickstarter Campaign to Mix and Master his Album of Epic Rock

If you love Globus and epic rock in general, feel free to support the Kickstarter campaign from composer Geraint Luff. Read more→

Introducing A-List Music

Three years in the making, A-List Music is a new division of Megatrax, specializing in premium music for movie advertising campaigns. Read more→

Fringe Element: Fire Sky

Fire Sky is a sweeping, dramatic and modern electronic/orchestral album. Read more→

RipTide Music & Franck Barré: The Immortals

Franck Barré’s latest album, consisting of powerful dramatic and heroic music, was recently published by RipTide Music. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Cryogenesis

Sub Pub Music just released an aggressive and grimy hybrid/orchestral album.
Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Signals

The seventh opus of the Revolution album series is packed with massive and dark trailer music. Read more→

Two Steps From Hell: Empire

Don’t miss the exciting Empire, a colossal new industry release. Read more→

Melodeicon’s Hybrid Cinematic Music Collection

A modern album of 22 dark and dramatic tracks. Read more→

Selectracks: Incendium

Incendium is a massive hybrid/orchestral album composed by Erick DeVore. Read more→

Focus Music: Epic Voices

A collection of massive and epic choirs for film trailers and promos. Read more→

Siren Cues: Epic Action Adventure

An album of epic orchestral action music, composed by Mark Petrie and Andrew Prahlow. Read more→

Switch’s Latest Releases

Discover Between The Silence, Blackout and Sabotage. Read more→

In The Face Of Desperation: Pitch Hammer Music’s First Public Release

The company recently released a collection of 20 top-tier compositions featured in trailers. Read more→

Gothic Storm: ‘Heroes Of The Apocalypse’ and ‘Look To The Stars’

Don’t miss two exciting releases from Gothic Storm. Both are available to the public for purchase. Read more→