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Red Moth: Titan

This intense hybrid/orchestral album was produced by Red Moth and features Beyond Awakening. Read more→

Ascension from Sound Adventures is Available for Public Purchase

The dark, gritty and hard-hitting album is now on iTunes and Amazon.
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Imagine Music: The Nucleus

A collection of powerful hybrid organic trailer music. Read more→

Epic North Releases Arcadia to the Public

The exciting Arcadia album is now available to the public in a redux version. Read more→

Gothic Storm: Miracle of Life

A collection of epic emotional music with orchestra and acoustic guitars, by Gabriel Brosteanu. Read more→

Demented Sound Mafia: Ravens

Fusing rock, sound design and orchestra, Ravens is an epic and driving new release. Read more→

Position Music: Generate, Organize, Destroy

Position Music’s new album, composed by Danny Cocke, explores the vastness of space – both sonically and figuratively. Read more→

Universal Trailer Series: ‘The Vortex Force’ and ‘Hybrid Reborn’

Dark and suspenseful, these two albums combine orchestra and sound design. Read more→

Epic Playlists for Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, some trailer music companies have prepared several surprises for their fans – discounts, public compilations, medleys… Read more→

Immediate Music: Cyberian Now Available to the Public

A fast moving collection of  relentless action oriented songs. Read more→

Demented Sound Mafia: Epic Intervention

A powerful album composed by Alexander Okunex for Demented Sound Mafia. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music (ex-“Sub Pub Music”): Beautiful World

This new orchestral release is an invitation to a soaring musical journey. Read more→

UPPM’s New Label, Chappell Noir

Focusing on dark and thrilling scores, Chappell Noir’s music is inspired by crime fiction.
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Audio Network: Scoring Sessions

Diverse and ever-growing, this new collection offers music for picture with music editors in mind. Read more→

Soundcritters: Starbound

Discover a powerful collection of epic and futuristic tracks. Read more→

Decimus from audiomachine Now Available to the Public

Experience audiomachine’s signature sound with their major recent release.
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Jon Adamich’s Album ‘Olympus’ Now Available for Public Purchase

The fantasy album, inspired by the Greek mythology, is on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.
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Brand X Music: Ancient Times Vol. 01

Brand X’s new album offers a journey back to medieval kingdoms, where history and fantasy collide.
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