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Junkies For Epic Music

Deadly Avenger: Splinter

A new cinematic album, written by Lex Shellard and Damon Baxter.

Epic Score: Four New Releases

Journey Beyond the Sky, Strength to Believe, Blaze of Glory and Ravaged World bring you exciting new music.

Cavendish Music: The Scoring Stage Vol. 01

An album filled with adventure and emotions.

Theta Sound: The Dark Symphony

An album from up-and-coming composer Corentin Sauvage.

SonicTremor: Fire & Ice

Epic symphonic rock trailer music.

Aeon Recording Session Photos

Discover some photos of a 52-piece string session with Capellen Orchestra for switch.’s upcoming album.

Twisted Jukebox: Archnemesis

 A dark and “villainous” album.

Future World Music: Behold

A new exciting public release, perfect to start 2014 in music!

switch. Releases Vanguard to the Public

The company’s most epic album up to date is now available through iTunes and Amazon!

Philippe Rey: Titanium

A new solo album, featuring female vocalist Felicia Farerre.