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Phantom Power: Circuits And Salvation

A new cinematic release, following Circuits and Salvation.

Interview with Black Phoenix Music


Read an interview with this new trailer and soundtrack music company.

Shockwave Sound: Cinematic Themes Vol. 06

A new album of orchestral music full of magic, emotions and adventure.

The Hit House Releases Two Albums to the Public

Chemical Re:Action and Re:Action Earth are now on iTunes.

Sonic Symphony: Maximus

A new epic hybrid/orchestral release from Sonic Symphony.

Two Steps From Hell: Solaris

Solaris is Two Steps From Hell’s latest industry release.

Impact Music : Extraction

Extraction is Impact Music’s second album, following the majestic CineMaster Series 2012.

Introducing Really Slow Motion: Interview with Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro

Read an interview with the founder of this new trailer music company!

Interview with Guy-Roger Duvert

An interview with one of the composers from Pusher Music.

Must Save Jane! : Epic Orchestral Hybrid

A collection of cues from a new label, Must Save Jane!

Interview with Chris Haigh

An interview with Gothic Storm’s lead composer.

Brickwall Audio: Rex Inferos

The company just released a new album of epic music.

audiomachine: Millennium

An album entirely composed by Kevin Rix.

Gothic Storm: Epicstep

Dubstep is dead! Long live epicstep…

Soundcritters: Grimoire, and Colonization

The company recently released two albums, and also made several of their albums public.