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Junkies For Epic Music

Future World Music: Behold

A new exciting public release, perfect to start 2014 in music! Read more→

switch. Releases Vanguard to the Public

The company’s most epic album up to date is now available through iTunes and Amazon!
Read more→

Philippe Rey: Titanium

A new solo album, featuring female vocalist Felicia Farerre. Read more→

Position Music: Veiled Nation

A new thrilling album composed James Dooley. Read more→

Figure and Groove: Raptor

An album of cinematic dubstep. Read more→

Ethos Music: Something More

The company releases their first public album. Read more→

Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

Watch a new video interview with Yoav Goren and discover some exciting news! Read more→

Must Save Jane!: True Magic, & Gigantic Hybrid Trailers

The company’s hero continues his thrilling journey. Will he find Jane this time? Read more→

Dos Brains: Below The Horizon

Discover the debut album of dos brains’ new catalog Silver Screen. Read more→

Heavy Melody: God Machine

A new album from the Heavy Melody catalog. 200% epic. Read more→