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Junkies For Epic Music

Interview with Empire Syndicate

Empire Syndicate is a young duo of British musicians specializing in hybrid electronic/orchestral music.

Proofsound: Ad Extremum

Proofsound’s first public release.

Heavy Melody: Fragments

“Intense sonic shrapnel for trailer productions”.

TrailerSound: Behind the Epic!

A weekly show that takes you behind the scenes of epic trailer music.

Kosinus: Action Movie Trailer

A new trailer music album, Action Movie Trailer, is out!

KPM: Epic World

A wonderful musical journey.

Interview with Must Save Jane

Learn more about the mysterious Jane and the reason she must be saved!

Introducing ADN Compositions

A new company, “Creating Epic Music For All Media”.

Full Tilt: Saga

Full Tilt’s first public release!

Phantom Power: Circuits And Salvation

A new cinematic release, following Circuits and Salvation.

Interview with Black Phoenix Music


Read an interview with this new trailer and soundtrack music company.

Shockwave Sound: Cinematic Themes Vol. 06

A new album of orchestral music full of magic, emotions and adventure.

The Hit House Releases Two Albums to the Public

Chemical Re:Action and Re:Action Earth are now on iTunes.

Sonic Symphony: Maximus

A new epic hybrid/orchestral release from Sonic Symphony.