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Junkies For Epic Music

Sub Pub Music: Revolt

The company’s latest release is a dark, modern hybrid/orchestral album.
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audiomachine: Existence

audiomachine releases a new album to the public, entirely composed by Kevin Rix. Read more→

Full Tilt Releases End Game to the Public

A second album from Full Tilt is available to the public.
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Thor: The Dark World Trailer Music Now Available to the Public

Fringe Element’s custom cue is available for free download!

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Q-Factory: Quest

A new premium release from Q-Factory. Read more→

ADN Compositions: Neo Terra

The company releases its debut album. Read more→

audiomachine: Phenomena

audiomachine releases a phenomenal industry album, composed by Paul Dinletir.

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Moisés Daniel: Equilibrium

Moisés Daniel releases his first solo album. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Dominion

The third opus of the Revolution catalog is about to be released! Read more→

Position Music: The Fallout

Jack Trammell releases a new album via Position Music. Read more→

Interview with MG Music (Morabito-Guo)

An exclusive interview with Tina Guo and Ray Armando Morabito, co-founders of MG Music. Read more→

Cavendish Trailers: ‘Dark Drama’ Album Series

Discover Cavendish’s three new trailer albums. Read more→

ICON Trailer Music: Dawning Promises

 ICON releases their first public album! Read more→

audiomachine: Origins

Discover the company’s latest industry release.
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Jo Blankenburg’s Project ‘Syria 2013’

War rages on in Syria, and Jo Blankenburg has decided to raise money for humanitarian aid.

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PostHaste Music Vol. 13, Grand and Heroic: Interview with Mark Petrie

Discover PostHaste Music’s latest trailer release, composed by Mark Petrie. Read more→

Position Music: Damned Anthem & Dark Walk

Warning: contains high levels of adrenaline!
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audiomachine Celebrates 50,000 Fans on Facebook

… With a free downloadable compilation of their most requested tracks! Read more→