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Junkies For Epic Music

Sencit Music: aEmotive

Sencit releases an epic and inspirational album. Read more→

Eon Sounds Productions: Undaunted

The first trailer music album from the company. Read more→

audiomachine’s Phantasm

A fresh new collection of dramatic and heroic tracks. Read more→

Really Slow Motion: Interview with Founder & Creative Director Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro

Learn more about some of their major placements, as well as exciting new projects! Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Vivid

The company surprises us again with a new epic release.
Read more→

Score Addiction: Battle Scores

The company’s debut album is packed with action! Read more→

PostHaste Music Vol. 15: Courage and Power

An album capturing the fearless courage of superheroes! Read more→

International Music + Sound Awards 2014: Winners Announced!

switch., Extreme Music and Universal Publishing are among some of the winners.
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The Scoring Stage Vol. 01: Interview with Lorenzo Piggici

The album, released by Cavendish earlier this year, was composed by Lorenzo Piggici. Read more→

Interview with Superhuman

Meet the British duo behind the music of advertising campaigns for Star Trek, Battleship or Assassin’s Creed! Read more→

OtherWorld Trailer Music: Empire

A new album composed by Jacob Yoffee.

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The Hit House: Neurotic Re:Action

Feeling neurotic? Forget Freud. Forget Jung.
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Switch.: Mechminded

An album of massive rock hybrids. Read more→

Key Art Awards 2014: Call for Entries

The 43rd annual international awards competition is taking place on October 23rd, 2014. Read more→