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Extremis: Interview with Chris Haigh and Matt Welch

Read an interview with Chris Haigh and Matt Welch, the composers of Twisted Jukebox’s new extreme release, Extremis.

Introducing Epic North Music

The new Viking company releases its first album.

Interview with Empire Syndicate

Empire Syndicate is a young duo of British musicians specializing in hybrid electronic/orchestral music.

Proofsound: Ad Extremum

Proofsound’s first public release.

Heavy Melody: Fragments

“Intense sonic shrapnel for trailer productions”.

TrailerSound: Behind the Epic!

A weekly show that takes you behind the scenes of epic trailer music.

Kosinus: Action Movie Trailer

A new trailer music album, Action Movie Trailer, is out!

KPM: Epic World

A wonderful musical journey.

Interview with Must Save Jane

Learn more about the mysterious Jane and the reason she must be saved!

Introducing ADN Compositions

A new company, “Creating Epic Music For All Media”.

Full Tilt: Saga

Full Tilt’s first public release!

Phantom Power: Circuits And Salvation

A new cinematic release, following Circuits and Salvation.

Interview with Black Phoenix Music


Read an interview with this new trailer and soundtrack music company.