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Junkies For Epic Music

Fired Earth Music: Legends of Time

An orchestral fantasy adventure album by David Buckley and Robert Bennett. Read more→

Music for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Some of the music used in promos is available to the public for purchase. Read more→

Audio Network: Orchestral Trailers

Epic new music composed by Terry Devine-King! Read more→

Philippe Rey and Felicia Farerre: In Excelsis

A heart-rending, soaring and inspiring compilation. Read more→

Deadly Avenger: Splinter

A new cinematic album, written by Lex Shellard and Damon Baxter. Read more→

Epic Score: Four New Releases

Journey Beyond the Sky, Strength to Believe, Blaze of Glory and Ravaged World bring you exciting new music.

Read more→

Cavendish Music: The Scoring Stage Vol. 01

An album filled with adventure and emotions.
Read more→

Theta Sound: The Dark Symphony

An album from up-and-coming composer Corentin Sauvage. Read more→

SonicTremor: Fire & Ice

Epic symphonic rock trailer music. Read more→

Aeon Recording Session Photos

Discover some photos of a 52-piece string session with Capellen Orchestra for switch.’s upcoming album. Read more→

Twisted Jukebox: Archnemesis

 A dark and “villainous” album. Read more→

Future World Music: Behold

A new exciting public release, perfect to start 2014 in music! Read more→