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Xtortion Audio: Critical Mass

Xtortion Audio’s new release offers epic sci-fi/action music.
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Sonic Symphony Latest Industry Releases

Including Trinity, Transform X and Xcelerate. Read more→

ATLAS Epic Music Debuts with Two Albums

Discover Retaliation and Take Earth Back.
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Full Tilt: Ethos

The latest opus from the Full Tilt series is a driving rock/orchestral album. Read more→

Fringe Element: Evolution

The first public album from the company, featuring some of their iconic tracks. Read more→

Really Slow Motion: Exitium

The debut album of their new label, GianTapes Music. Terribly epic! Read more→

Dos Brains: Fearless

The second album from the Silver Screen catalog. Read more→

GrooveWorx: Abattoir

A brutal and dark EP, composed by the famous Tyler Bates. Read more→

audiomachine: Monolith

A powerful, aggressive album, composed by Kevin Rix. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: The Cauldron Born

A remastered version of the hybrid/orchestral album is out. Read more→

SEE Trailer Tracks: Invader

A dark, dramatic, menacing album. Read more→

Must Save Jane!: Ethereal Supernova

A modern collection of positive, driving and epic cues.  Read more→

switch.: Aeon

Epic sci-fi drama music, composed by Nick Murray and Jeremiah Pena. Read more→