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Junkies For Epic Music

Gothic Storm: Epicstep

Dubstep is dead! Long live epicstep…

Soundcritters: Grimoire, and Colonization

The company recently released two albums, and also made several of their albums public.

West One Music: Epic World

Epic World is West One Music’s new epic release

Critical Mass Vol. 03: Revolutions

Revolutions is Selectracks’ latest album of premium trailer music.

Introducing switch.

switch. is a brand new trailer music company, which defines itself as “artist-driven”.

Future World Music: A Hero Will Rise

Following Reign Of Vengeance, A Hero Will Rise is Future World Music’s second public release.

Philippe Rey: Age Of The Fallen

Philippe Rey just released a new solo album.

Sound Adventures: Magical Trailers

Magical Trailers, by Sound Adventures, is now out.

True Leap: Singularity

Singularity is the first album of a new company, True Leap.

The Growing Success of Trailer Music in Various Shows

Trailer music is used more and more often in various shows and events around the world.

Top Ten Funniest Moments in the History of Trailer Music

Discover some epic moments in the history of trailer music!

Interview with Ivan Torrent

A new talent is emerging in the sphere of cinematic music.

Ninja Tracks: Revolution Zero

Ninja Tracks has released a new album, Zero. 

Interview with Castimoniae

Meet composer Eirik Jacobsen, founder of Castimoniae, a Norwegian trailer music company.

Epic Score: Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 12, 13 and 14

Three new Epic Score albums  just got released to the public.

Exciting News from Gothic Storm

Two of their albums just got released to the public, in addition to the industry release of three other albums.