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Triumph: Interview with Yoav Goren

Yoav Goren talks about Triumph, the new Trailerhead album from Immediate.

Two Steps From Hell: SkyWorld

Two Steps From Hell’s third major public release is finally here.

Clearspeaks Music: Synergy

 Synergy is a new trailer music album from Clearspeaks Music.

Interview with Pitch Hammer Music

Read an interview with Veigar Margeirsson and Brian Brasher from Pitch Hammer Music.


The library recently released two new volumes of trailer music.

Sound Aventures: Volumes 06 & 07

Two more epic and cinematic albums will be added to the library: Cinematic Adventure and Magical Trailers.

Marcello de Francisci: Ante Diem

Composer Marcello de Francisci has released a solo album, rich with emotion.

JW Media Music: Rise From The Ashes

 JW Media Music has released a new epic album.

PP Music: The Lost Sequel

PP Music recently released a new album of trailer music.

Woodkid’s Upcoming Album ‘The Golden Age’

Woodkid previewed his upcoming album last night during a truly epic concert in Paris, France.

1 Revolution Music: Epic Battle & Victory 1

1 Revolution Music recently released an album of epic dimensions, Epic Battle & Victory 1. 

Introducing: Radical Music

Radical Music is a  music house that licenses music for all sorts of media, including movie trailers.

Genesis, Mark Petrie’s First Public Release

Following the requests of many fans, composer Mark Petrie has released a compilation of some of his best tracks.

Two Steps From… Heaven!

Two Steps From Hell just released a new album, entitled… Two Steps From Heaven.

Interview with Second Suspense

Read an interview with Second Suspense, a new company.

Boost Music: Big Cinematic Trailers

“From powerful full-throttle pounding action to epic dramatic adventure, Big Cinematic Trailers is a blockbuster collection of contemporary trailer music.” 

Interview with Greg Townley

A creative mind of the music industry.