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Position Music: Raising the Damned

Damned Anthem make a triumphant return with their second epic and hard-hitting album, released through Position Music. Read more→

Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core: Angels Among Demons

This hybrid dubstep/orchestral album marks the first collaboration between the two companies. Read more→

Chroma & J2: Immortal

Highly-anticipated, this EP marks the third collaboration between Chroma and J2. Read more→

Dos Brains: the Latest Additions to the Silver Screen Catalog

‘Northern Lights, Southern Darkness’; ‘Immortal’; ‘Fire & Ice’, and ‘Fade to Black’ are the newest releases from Dos Brains’ catalog. Read more→

The Hit House’s Over Re:Action

Why settle just for a reaction, when you can get an over reaction? Discover the company’s new release, bold and furious… Read more→

Songs To Your Eyes: Epic Kingdoms Trailer Music Vol. 02

Composer Torsti Spoof releases an inspiring, triumphant and majestic album. Read more→

Songs To Your Eyes: Epic Mayhem Vol. 01

Don’t miss this brilliant collection of intense, dramatic, majestic and heroic tracks from composer Dwayne Ford.
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2015 International Music + Sound Awards: Call For Entries (Deadline Extended!)

Get your entries in now to the 3rd annual International Music+Sound Awards. The entry deadline has been extended to April 10! Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Drowning Abyss

Welcome to the colourful world of pirates! Heroic and action-packed, this album will take you on exciting adventures at sea. Read more→

New Gothic Storm Releases: Dragons, EDM and Emotions are Here

Dragons, EDM and emotions: Gothic Storm’s new albums offer various styles of music – always in epic fashion of course. Read more→

Impact Music: Piano Solaris

This collection of emotional and inspiring cinematic piano cues was composed by Grammy Awards nominee Mark Portmann. Read more→

Boost Music: Epic Cinematic Trailers 2

A new collection of powerfully dramatic trailer music is now available. Read more→

Position Music: Burning Chrome

Don’t miss Jack Trammell’s new album, post-apocalyptic, destructive and robotic! Read more→

Demented Sound Mafia: Tribulation

Gilde Flores releases a dark, hybrid album, full of action and adrenaline.
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Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Discover an ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes. Read more→

Dynamic Music’s Trailer Album

The company has released Dynamic Trailers, a collection of hard-hitting epic action cues.
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Epic North Music: Masters of the Sea

Massive, intense, heroic and filled with adventure, Epic North’s new release, Masters of the Sea, won’t disappoint you.

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Position Music: Shades of the Abyss

An intense trailer music album, produced by Jo Blankenburg. Read more→

Alliance’s Debut Album Takeover

Takeover is the first album from the new label Alliance, focusing on massive hybrid/orchestral trailer music. Read more→

R. Armando Morabito: Days of Tomorrow

R. Armando Morabito releases an electronic world music solo album.
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