Trailer Music News

Junkies For Epic Music

VideoHelper: Colossical

Classics can be epic and modern – VideoHelper just released Colossical, a library that reinvent the classics.

The Hit House Releases Elementary Re:Action

The Hit House’s latest industry release – and an explosive one.

Nick Phoenix: Speed of Sound

Two Steps From Hell composer Nick Phoenix just released a solo album, entitled Speed of Sound

Gargantuan Music: Infinite

Gargantuan Music releases their second album.

Zero Hour: Interview with Armen Hambar

Read an interview with composer Armen Hambar about Future World Music’s latest industry release, Zero Hour.

Dos Brains’ Third Rail – Dark Territory

Dos Brains launches a new catalog. “Beware, high voltage”!

GrooveWorx: Rogue

GrooveWorx launch their new trailer music catalog with Rogue.

Larry Groupé: Dream Cinema

Composer Larry Groupé releases his second solo album.

Illumination: Interview with Michael Maas

Read an interview with Michael Maas about the release of his second solo album!

Diego Stocco: Post Civilization

An original suite of trailer tracks by Diego Stocco, featuring his custom built orchestra.

ICON Vol. 10: Demolition

ICON Trailer Music releases a new album.

Deep East Music: Next Level – Omni Tronics

Deep East Music releases truly futuristic music. 

Sencit’s Singularity Now Available to the Public

Sencit Music releases one of their albums to the public.

Soundcritters: Morrow Forge

Soundcritters has released a new album, of “epic metal rock style”.

Two Steps From Hell Classics

The legendary company releases one more compilation to the public, Classics Vol. 01, just before their concert in Los Angeles.

Kerry Muzzey: Trailer Music 3

Kerry Muzzey releases a third album of trailer music.

Fringe Element: Goliath

Fringe Element’s new industry release.

OtherWorld Trailer Music: Chromosphere Vol. 01

OtherWorld Trailer Music releases its first album.