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Fringe Element: Crimson

Crimson is a brand new release from Fringe Element.
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Sonoton Trailer Tracks : Heroes And Legends Vol. 01

A collection of epic and adventure-filled music. Read more→

‘Bloodborne’ Original Trailer Music: Interview with The Hit House

Learn more about the creation of “Hunt You Down”, a custom track composed by The Hit House to promote the new video game Bloodborne.
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Gothic Storm’s New Public Release ‘Dragons And Kings’

The company’s biggest release to date is now available for purchase via iTunes!
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Ninja Tracks’ Latest Releases ‘Revolution: Ascension’ and ‘One’

Ascension is a highly-anticipated industry release, while One represents the company’s first public album.
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Full Tilt: Leviathan

Epic and dramatic, Leviathan is the latest release from Full Tilt, featuring composers Jeff Broadbent and Carlos Martinez. Read more→

Interview with J2

Meet producer and composer J2, known for his successful trailer-oriented reworks of famous pop/rock songs, as well as his recent collaboration with Chroma. Read more→

Imagine Music: Black Hole

The Russian company releases its debut album – a collection of epic and action-packed hybrid tracks. Read more→

Brand X Music: ReGenesis

Powerful and compelling, ReGenesis is a groundbreaking new release. Read more→

Sub Pub Music: Equilibrium

Dark, gritty and hard-hitting, Equilibrium is Sub Pub Music’s intense new release.
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Really Slow Motion: Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is the highly-anticipated new album from the GianTapes Music catalog, distributed by Really Slow Motion. Read more→

Twelve Titans Music’s First Public Album, ‘More Than Human’

The company recently released a thrilling collection of epic, dramatic and heroic tracks, used in various trailers. Read more→

The Latest Epic Releases From Brand X Music: ‘X Marks The Spot’ and ‘Epyllion’

For the curious ones, the latest industry releases from Brand X Music are now available for listening on company’s revamped website. Read more→

Twisted Jukebox: Land of Adventures

Twisted Jukebox releases an heroic, inspiring and magical orchestral album. Read more→

Q-Factory’s New Public Releases ‘Story Of Life’ and ‘Quest’

The emotional and inspiring Story of Life and the dark and powerful Quest are now on iTunes and Amazon.
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PostHaste Vol. 16: Undeniable Fate

Dramatic and epic, the sixteenth volume features composers Mark Petrie and Andrew Prahlow.
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Demented Sound Mafia: Stairway To The Heavens

Dive into a soaring and epic world created by Demented Sound Mafia for your listening pleasure.
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Must Save Jane: Rebirth

The story of Jane, the company’s feminine hero, goes on… Discover her new adventures through music! Read more→

Introducing Volta Music

Launched in 2014, Volta recently partnered with UPPM. Four albums are already available. Read more→

Retribution, The Second Installment of Immediate Music’s Premium Collection ‘Dark Hero’

Discover the new album from the successful epic/drama/action series, Dark Hero. Read more→