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Junkies For Epic Music

Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Discover an ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes. Read more→

Dynamic Music’s Trailer Album

The company has released Dynamic Trailers, a collection of hard-hitting epic action cues.
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Epic North Music: Masters of the Sea

Massive, intense, heroic and filled with adventure, Epic North’s new release, Masters of the Sea, won’t disappoint you.

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Position Music: Shades of the Abyss

An intense trailer music album, produced by Jo Blankenburg. Read more→

Alliance’s Debut Album Takeover

Takeover is the first album from the new label Alliance, focusing on massive hybrid/orchestral trailer music. Read more→

R. Armando Morabito: Days of Tomorrow

R. Armando Morabito releases an electronic world music solo album.
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Reverie: Interview With Ivan Torrent About His First Solo Album

Don’t miss our interview about the long-awaited album Reverie, a beautiful and enchanting musical journey that will take you to oneiric worlds.
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Arcadia: Epic North Music teams up with Really Slow Motion

Insanely epic, vikingly heroic, the highly-anticipated Arcadia marks the first collaboration between the two companies.
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Gothic Storm: ‘Gothic Action’ Album Series Now Available to the Public

The three action-packed albums can be purchased through iTunes & Amazon. Read more→

The Epic French Connection: Volume 01

The group of French composers just released their first compilation. Read more→

Chroma: Sampler Vol. 02

A new opus is out, following the successful release of Sampler Vol. 01. Read more→

GrooveWorx Trailers: Hypox

GrooveWorx releases a dark and contagious album. Extreme caution is recommended! Read more→

West One Music: Ultimate Trailers

An album of hard-hitting epic action music. Read more→

Future World Music Releases ‘Zero Hour’ to the Public for Christmas

Fans can now purchase the album on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon. Read more→

Really Slow Motion: The Vortex

This epic, hard-hitting and action-packed hybrid album is ready for 2015 upcoming blockbusters! Read more→

Goddess: Interview with the Singers from Twisted Jukebox’s New Release

Discover Twisted Jukebox’s new album, featuring epic female vocal trailer music.  Read more→

This Is EPIC Music Vol. 01, an Exciting Initiative from Imperativa Records

The album compiles tracks from various leading artists in the genre. Read more→

Chroma: J2/LV Part 1

J2 and Lucas Vidal collaborated for this new release. Read more→

KPM Trailers: Storm

Out of the storm came the sound of drums… Discover the debut album from KPM’s new label. Read more→

‘Second Earth’: A Crowdfunding Project to Record Devesh Sodha’s Album Live

The album will be recorded live in Budapest, and published by Really Slow Motion. Read more→