Junkies For Epic Music

Epic North & Really Slow Motion Release Their Album ‘Dragon’ to the Public

Released to professionals several months ago, Dragon is now also available to the fans.
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Position Music: Valkyrie, a New Album Composed Jo Blankenburg

With a stunning power to convey emotions, Valkyrie won’t disappoint you.
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I Am Cello: Dan and Deryn Cullen Unite with Imperativa Records

Discover a delicate and intricate orchestral album with cello themes.
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Immediate Music’s New Public Release, Trailer Hits

A compilation of the company’s best tracks, as featured in various trailers. Read more→

Chroma’s First Public Release, ‘Retrospective Vol. 01″

The album compiles some of the company’s best cues, as featured in various blockbuster movie trailers.
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Gargantuan Music: Ultra

Ultra is a journey into hard-hitting sci-fi electronic sound and massive orchestra.
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Songs To Your Eyes: ‘Goddess of Destiny’ and ‘Summon The Whales’

The collective Demented Sound Mafia just released two albums in collaboration with Songs To Your Eyes.
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Epic Score: Dawn of Freedom

The album was composed by Lasse Enersen, who returns with his strong melodies and powerful music.
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Position Music & Joseph Trapanese: Phosphorescent

Featuring renowned composer Joseph Trapanese, Position Music’s new release offers dramatic and emotional music.
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Position Music: The State

Adam Peters offers a futuristic and massive album, published by Position Music.
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Glory, Oath & Blood: Fearless

A massive and action-packed hybrid/orchestral album. Read more→

Revolt Production Music’s Latest Releases

The catalog features many exciting new releases. Read more→

Battle Angel: Really Slow Motion’s New Public Compilation

Really Slow Motion’s latest public release is a new fan-oriented compilation, including some brand-new, unreleased music. Read more→

Epic North Releases ‘Mammoth’ to the Public

After many placements in trailers, this successful mammoth-sized album is now available for public purchase! Read more→

1 Revolution Music: Swords and Thrones

This distinctive album, epic and dramatic, was inspired by Game of Thrones. Read more→

Nick Murray & Roger Shah: Singularity

This cinematic album combines both composers’ influences – orchestral and electronic. Read more→

Sound Adventures: Nemesis

A dark, epic and modern hybrid/orchestral album, composed by Peter Bateman. Read more→

Chronos: Brand X Music Celebrates 15 Years of Epic Success

Heart-pounding, sweeping and timeless, the album marks the company’s 15th anniversary.  Read more→

Ascension from Sound Adventures is Available for Public Purchase

The dark, gritty and hard-hitting album is now on iTunes and Amazon.
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