Junkies For Epic Music

Introducing: Evolving Sound

The catalog currently consists of three album, Rapture, Regenerate and Spiked. Read more→

Revolt Production: More Orchestral Releases

Discover recent hybrid and/or orchestral albums. Read more→

The Secession: Annata

An emotional and modern album, based on ancient Sanskrit terms.
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Audio Network: Supervoid

Supervoid is part of a new collection of epic trailer music, Maximum Impact. Read more→

Beautiful Battle, A Solo Album by Dwayne Ford

A joyous, intense, uplifting, inspiring ride.  Read more→

Twelve Titans’s New Public Album, ‘Ascend The Starless Sky’

The release of this compilation follows the requests from many fans.
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Immediate Music: Existence

This industry title is now available to the public as well.
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‘Arctic Engine’ from Epic North now Available to the Public

This massive and modern hybrid album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. Read more→

Revolt Production Music: New Releases

Discover the latest orchestral releases from Revolt. Read more→

Epic Score: Fate of the Earth

Massive and epic, this album was composed by Tarek Mansur.
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Fired Earth Music: Resurgence

An orchestral album of dark, slowly evolving epics. Read more→

Titan Approaching: PostHaste’s New Public Release

A new best-of from the company, available to the public. Read more→

Revolt Production Music: Latest Releases

The catalog keeps expanding fast, and includes various new albums. Read more→

Position Music: Samsara, featuring Röya

An album of modern, ethereal and ethnic music. Read more→

Demented Sound Mafia: Recent Hybrid/Orchestral Releases

Vatos Locos, Captain Legend and Frozen Piano Soundscapes are new additions to the catalog.
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Killer Tracks: Legacy

Legacy fuses modern pop elements with quintessential trailer sounds. Read more→

We’re in Awe with Gothic Storm’s New Release

The Awe trilogy offers albums with different styles – orchestral, rock and electro.
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