Junkies For Epic Music

Interview with Empire Syndicate

Empire Syndicate is a young duo of British musicians specializing in hybrid electronic/orchestral music. Read more→

Interview with Must Save Jane

Learn more about the mysterious Jane and the reason she must be saved!
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Interview with Black Phoenix Music


Read an interview with this new trailer and soundtrack music company. Read more→

Introducing Really Slow Motion: Interview with Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro

Read an interview with the founder of this new trailer music company! Read more→

Interview with Guy-Roger Duvert

An interview with one of the composers from Pusher Music. Read more→

Interview with Chris Haigh

An interview with Gothic Storm’s lead composer.
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Interview with Ivan Torrent

A new talent is emerging in the sphere of cinematic music. Read more→

Interview with Castimoniae

Meet composer Eirik Jacobsen, founder of Castimoniae, a Norwegian trailer music company. Read more→

Epic Speed: Interview with Dan Graham and Chris Haigh

Read an interview with two of the Gothic Storm composers – Dan Graham and Chris Haigh.  Read more→

Heroes: Interview with the composers

Read an interview with the talented composers of Fired Earth Music’s latest release, Heroes. Read more→

Interview with Deadly Avenger

Meet composer Damon Baxter, also known as Deadly Avenger, through this interview! Read more→

Triumph: Interview with Yoav Goren

Yoav Goren talks about Triumph, the new Trailerhead album from Immediate.

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Interview with Pitch Hammer Music

Read an interview with Veigar Margeirsson and Brian Brasher from Pitch Hammer Music. Read more→

Interview with Second Suspense

Read an interview with Second Suspense, a new company.
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Interview with Greg Townley

A creative mind of the music industry. Read more→

Heaven & Hell: Interview with Veigar Margeirsson

Read an interview with Veigar Margeirsson about Heaven & Hell, his new album.  Read more→

Interview with Jo Blankenburg

Composer Jo Blankenburg talks about his musical experience and his upcoming and highly-anticipated album Elysium.
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Verge Of Total Chaos: Interview with Danny Cocke

Read an interview with Danny Cocke, the composer behind Position Music’s new release, Verge Of Total Chaos. Read more→

Hero: Interview with Kelvin Galloza

Read an interview with Kelvin Galloza about G Empire Music’s new album, Hero.

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Interview with Prototype Scores

Read an interview with this new start-up in the music industry.
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