Junkies For Epic Music

A Rite of Passage: Interview with Atelier Inspiration

A Rite of Passage is Atelier Inspiration’s debut release, in partnership with Ghostwriter Music. Read more→

Introducing Rogue Souls: Interview with Raouf Rectobiasi and Cliff Lin

Rogue Souls is a new label from Dos Brains. Their first release is a very trailer-friendly EP, Toxic Rain. Read more→

‘Bloodborne’ Original Trailer Music: Interview with The Hit House

Learn more about the creation of “Hunt You Down”, a custom track composed by The Hit House to promote the new video game Bloodborne.
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Interview with J2

Meet producer and composer J2, known for his successful trailer-oriented reworks of famous pop/rock songs, as well as his recent collaboration with Chroma. Read more→

Reverie: Interview With Ivan Torrent About His First Solo Album

Don’t miss our interview about the long-awaited album Reverie, a beautiful and enchanting musical journey that will take you to oneiric worlds.
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Goddess: Interview with the Singers from Twisted Jukebox’s New Release

Discover Twisted Jukebox’s new album, featuring epic female vocal trailer music.  Read more→

Nu Epiq: Interview with Immediate Music’s President Yoav Goren

Find out more about the new opus from the famous Trailerhead series.
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Really Slow Motion: Interview with Founder & Creative Director Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro

Learn more about some of their major placements, as well as exciting new projects! Read more→

The Scoring Stage Vol. 01: Interview with Lorenzo Piggici

The album, released by Cavendish earlier this year, was composed by Lorenzo Piggici. Read more→

Interview with Superhuman

Meet the British duo behind the music of advertising campaigns for Star Trek, Battleship or Assassin’s Creed! Read more→

Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

Watch a new video interview with Yoav Goren and discover some exciting news! Read more→

Interview with MG Music (Morabito-Guo)

An exclusive interview with Tina Guo and Ray Armando Morabito, co-founders of MG Music. Read more→

PostHaste Music Vol. 13, Grand and Heroic: Interview with Mark Petrie

Discover PostHaste Music’s latest trailer release, composed by Mark Petrie. Read more→

Interview with Dean Valentine

Read an interview with composer Dean Valentine from Pusher Music! Read more→

Legacy: Interview with Jesper Kyd

Read an interview with Jesper Kyd about his new trailer music album Legacy. Read more→

Zero Hour: Interview with Armen Hambar

Read an interview with composer Armen Hambar about Future World Music’s latest industry release, Zero Hour. Read more→

Illumination: Interview with Michael Maas

Read an interview with Michael Maas about the release of his second solo album! Read more→

Extremis: Interview with Chris Haigh and Matt Welch

Read an interview with Chris Haigh and Matt Welch, the composers of Twisted Jukebox’s new extreme release, Extremis.
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