Junkies For Epic Music

Revolt Production Music: Latest Releases

All of the albums are available to the public for purchase through platforms such as iTunes and Amazon
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Songs To Your Eyes’ Latest Releases

Songs To Your Eyes’ latest releases offer various cinematic music. Don’t miss the great Prophetic Visions, composed by Dwayne Ford. Read more→

Epic North: Vikingception

What could be more thrilling than Inception? Well, a Viking version of it, of course…

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Epic North & Really Slow Motion’s Fourth Collaboration, Arctic Engine

Looking for massive, hybrid music? Arctic Engine is an excellent choice.
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Position Music: Valkyrie, a New Album Composed Jo Blankenburg

With a stunning power to convey emotions, Valkyrie won’t disappoint you.
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audiomachine: Worlds of Wonder

Celebrating magic, mystery and mayhem, this album was recorded in Abbey Road Studios. Read more→

Brand X Music: Evolution and Entropy

A double release featuring cinematic styles for heroes and villains.
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Ten Thousand Watts of Iron: Arcana

The album consists of dark and epic choral orchestral themes, composed by Marcello de Francisci.
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Chroma: ‘Sampler Vol. 05’ and ‘Primal Rising’

The Chroma catalog features two new albums of epic orchestral trailer music. Read more→

SEE Trailer Tracks: Epic New Releases

The SEE Trailer Tracks catalog comprises various new albums. Read more→

Really Slow Motion / GianTapes : Dimension One

A premium collection of primate trailer music madness. Read more→

PostHaste: Distant Cosmos

An ominous, heroic and futuristic album, composed by Andrew Prahlow. Read more→

Join the Rebellion with Trailer Rebel’s Exciting Release, IUN

The new company just released an uplifting and emotional neo-orchestral album.
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Gargantuan Music: Ultra

Ultra is a journey into hard-hitting sci-fi electronic sound and massive orchestra.
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PostHaste: Apex Revolution

Epic, dramatic and uplifting, this album features Mark Petrie’s signature sound.
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Songs To Your Eyes: ‘Goddess of Destiny’ and ‘Summon The Whales’

The collective Demented Sound Mafia just released two albums in collaboration with Songs To Your Eyes.
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GRNLR: Rigor

The company’s second release offers and dark and incredibly suspenseful atmosphere.
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Epic Score: Dawn of Freedom

The album was composed by Lasse Enersen, who returns with his strong melodies and powerful music.
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Position Music & Joseph Trapanese: Phosphorescent

Featuring renowned composer Joseph Trapanese, Position Music’s new release offers dramatic and emotional music.
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Must Save Jane: Heroes

Epic and dramatic, this new album features music composed by Harry Lightfoot.
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