Junkies For Epic Music

Theta Sound: Tales

A magical, mysterious and fantasy orchestral album, composed by Unique Horns. Read more→

Focus Music: Wonderful Adventures

A collection of fantasy/adventure orchestral tracks, with a magical atmosphere. Read more→

A-List Trailer Music: Evolving Builds

Evolving Builds delivers evocative music, combining orchestra, vocals and sound design. Read more→

A Rite of Passage: Interview with Atelier Inspiration

A Rite of Passage is Atelier Inspiration’s debut release, in partnership with Ghostwriter Music. Read more→

Introducing: Evolving Sound

The catalog currently consists of three album, Rapture, Regenerate and Spiked. Read more→

Revolt Production: More Orchestral Releases

Discover recent hybrid and/or orchestral albums. Read more→

The Secession: Annata

An emotional and modern album, based on ancient Sanskrit terms.
Read more→

Arisen, the Debut Album from Truffle

Published by X-IT music, Arisen offers hybrid, action-packed music. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music: The Butterfly Effect

Intense, emotional, soaring… A grand ethereal orchestral album.
Read more→

Audio Network: Supervoid

Supervoid is part of a new collection of epic trailer music, Maximum Impact. Read more→

Beautiful Battle, A Solo Album by Dwayne Ford

A joyous, intense, uplifting, inspiring ride.  Read more→

Glory, Oath + Blood: Live As Lions

A year in the making, this album offers epic orchestral music, recorded live.
Read more→

Dark Model: Saga

Saga takes the audience on an epic high-energy journey. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Collapse

A modern, action-packed and suspenseful album, composed by Jochen Flach. Read more→

Rogue Souls: War Is Hell

This is the second release from Dos Brains’ new label. Read more→

The Hit House: Tales, Chapter II

A fantasy/adventure album. “Whether you be slaying beast, man, or thirty second spot, let us be the melody you hear.” Read more→

Brand X Music: Meta (aka: “The Most Effective Tactic Available”)

This release introduces new composers and never before heard sounds. Read more→