Junkies For Epic Music

Jo Blankenburg’s Project ‘Syria 2013’

War rages on in Syria, and Jo Blankenburg has decided to raise money for humanitarian aid.

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I am Texting to the Sun.

Discover a preview videoclip of Thomas Bergersen’s upcoming album Sun. Read more→

City of the Fallen Composer Ryan Amon Scores Elysium

The score of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi was composed by Ryan Amon. And it is available for purchase. Read more→

Triumph: Interview with Yoav Goren

Yoav Goren talks about Triumph, the new Trailerhead album from Immediate.

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Interview with Pitch Hammer Music

Read an interview with Veigar Margeirsson and Brian Brasher from Pitch Hammer Music. Read more→

Interview with Second Suspense

Read an interview with Second Suspense, a new company.
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Interview with Greg Townley

A creative mind of the music industry. Read more→

Heaven & Hell: Interview with Veigar Margeirsson

Read an interview with Veigar Margeirsson about Heaven & Hell, his new album.  Read more→

UPPM’s Universal Trailer Series

The future of trailer music is here!
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8Dio Stand Out Contest

8Dio is looking for the best composer!

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Immediate Music: Epic Olympic Dreams

Immediate Music makes the 2012 Summer Olympic Games much more epic! Read more→

Two Steps From Hell…

..made two huge steps towards fans. Read more→