Junkies For Epic Music

The Hit House: Tales, Chapter II

A fantasy/adventure album. “Whether you be slaying beast, man, or thirty second spot, let us be the melody you hear.” Read more→

Brand X Music: Meta (aka: “The Most Effective Tactic Available”)

This release introduces new composers and never before heard sounds. Read more→

Really Slow Motion: Infinite

Infinite offers dramatic, epic and futuristic hybrid/orchestral music. Read more→

End of Silence: ‘Resistance’ and ‘Aces Up, Vol. 01’

Discover some of the company’s recent industry releases.
Read more→

‘Arctic Engine’ from Epic North now Available to the Public

This massive and modern hybrid album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. Read more→

Immediate Music: Omega 3

Dramatic, suspenseful, this album was composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. Read more→

Hi-Finesse: Axiom 3

Massive, action-packed and epic hybrids. Read more→

X-Ray Dog: New Orchestral Releases

The catalog features new albums – Baron Von Doghausen, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Instinct. Read more→

Brand X Music: Portal

Intense and emotional, Portal is the latest release from Brand X Music’s theatrical catalog. Read more→

Revolt Production Music: New Releases

Discover the latest orchestral releases from Revolt. Read more→

Epic Score: Fate of the Earth

Massive and epic, this album was composed by Tarek Mansur.
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Ninja Tracks: A Million Stars Falling

A modern and dramatic album featuring composer Raouf Rectobiasi. Read more→

Fired Earth Music: Resurgence

An orchestral album of dark, slowly evolving epics. Read more→

J2: Dawn Of Destiny

A new solo album by J2, powerful and emotional. Read more→

Epic North: Skygate

An heroic and inspiring album from the one and only Viking trailer music team. Read more→

Really Slow Motion / Giantapes: Into The Horizon

Dramatic, emotional and epic, this release is an intense trailer music album. Read more→

Titan Approaching: PostHaste’s New Public Release

A new best-of from the company, available to the public. Read more→