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Decimus from audiomachine Now Available to the Public

Experience audiomachine’s signature sound with their major recent release.
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Jon Adamich’s Album ‘Olympus’ Now Available for Public Purchase

The fantasy album, inspired by the Greek mythology, is on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.
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Brand X Music: Ancient Times Vol. 01

Brand X’s new album offers a journey back to medieval kingdoms, where history and fantasy collide.
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Hymns of Fire & Earth: the Debut Album from Ten Thousand Watts of Iron

The album delivers action-packed themes for piano, choir, orchestra and percussion. Read more→

Immediate Music: Memories

A collection of inspiring, reflective and beautiful piano and orchestral tracks.
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Really Slow Motion & Epic Soul Factory: Sigma

Epic Soul Factory’s exciting third album is published by Really Slow Motion.
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Introducing Avalon Zero

Founded by French composer Vivien Chebbah several months ago, Avalon Zero is a new trailer music company. Read more→

Ascension: Ninja Tracks’ New Public Release

Ninja Tracks just released their album Ascension on iTunes – with a bonus track featuring Tina Guo! Read more→

Killer Tracks: Shock And Awe

Killer Tracks’ new release, Shock And Awe, offers spine-chivering orchestral music, recorded live in Budapest, Hungary. Read more→

Library Music Awards 2015: Winners Announced

The Library Music Awards celebrate production music and its various genres. Read more→

Three More Albums from the Full Tilt Catalog on iTunes

Revamped versions of the three first albums of the Full Tilt catalog are available for purchase. Read more→

Switch: Solas

Solas is Denis Kilty’s inspiring debut album, published by Switch.  Read more→

Over The Horizon: New Bundle on Groupees

A bundle featuring various artists, including Twelve Titans and their album More Than Human. Read more→

Boost Music Releases Epic Cinematic Trailers 2 and Big Screen Heroes to the Public

Two albums from the Boost Music catalog are now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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audiomachine: Decimus

Experience audiomachine’s signature sound with Decimus, a major new industry release featuring “epic mind” Paul Dinletir. Read more→

Position Music: Deviant

Discover Deviant from Jack Trammell, a dark, massive and action-packed album. Read more→

RedCola: Peril

Peril evokes a gritty dystopian underworld. Read more→

Liquid Cinema: Lumina

Lumina is a transcendent collection of epic emotional tracks. Read more→

Glory, Oath & Blood: Babylon Z

A tour de force of otherworldly fantasy action adventure trailer cues. Read more→

Audio Network: Galaxies Collide

Spectacular, epic and inspirational music, truly out of this world! Read more→