Junkies For Epic Music

Chroma: J2/LV Part 1

J2 and Lucas Vidal collaborated for this new release.

KPM Trailers: Storm

Out of the storm came the sound of drums… Discover the debut album from KPM’s new label.

‘Second Earth': A Crowdfunding Project to Record Devesh Sodha’s Album Live

The album will be recorded live in Budapest, and published by Really Slow Motion.

Q-Factory’s New Singles

Triumphant and epic, this collection is your go-to for your gut-wrenching and feel-good movie trailers and TV spots!

Fringe Element: Triton

This new album delivers modern, cinematic and dramatic music.

New Epic Music from X-Ray Dog!

The company recently released Master, Leader, Shepherd and Pure Bred. And yes, it’s epic.

Cinetrax: Epicus 2

Epic, dramatic and cinematic music.

Selectracks: Critical Mass Vol. 04 – Retribution

David Reynolds releases a new album through Selectracks.

Fired Earth Music: Unbreakable EP

The album, composed by Daniel Heath, blends pop and epic orchestral music.

Sub Pub Music: Submersive

An ethereal and compelling album release from Sub Pub Music.

Thomas Bergersen: Sun

A highly anticipated second solo album and a breathtaking follow-up to the successful Illusions.

Brand X Music: Amalgamate

A new thrilling public album, compiling tracks from the successful industry releases Incubate and Illuminate.

Impact Music: Pure

Felicia Farrere’s enchanting voice takes us on a musical journey!