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Really Slow Motion’s Latest Industry Releases

Illume, The Tesla Project, From Ash To Flame, Mammoth, Second Earth and DNA Vol. 01 represent the company’s most recent industry releases.

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Really Slow Motion’s New Public Releases

Charged and Iron Poetry are now available on iTunes.
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audiomachine’ New Public Release ‘Magnus’

The company has released a new collection of fan favorites on iTunes. Read more→

Two Steps From Hell: Classics Vol. 02

Classics Vol. 02 is a new public album, compiling fan favorites. Read more→

Decade: Celebrating One of Immediate Music’s Alums, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Imperativa Records released a compilation of Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s most popular tracks composed for Immediate Music.

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Position Music: Sentinel Awake

Discover Sentinel Awake, composed by Mark Nolan. Read more→

Ninja Tracks’ Sovereign Album Series

The series focuses on dark and intense hybrid music with sound design elements. Read more→

Switch: ‘A Cloudless Universe’ and ‘Limitless’

The company has released several albums, including their first public album Limitless.

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Two Steps From Hell: Battlecry

The two-disc album is out. Are you ready for an epic journey? Read more→

Liquid Cinema: Cinematic Apocalypse Vol. 03

The third opus of the Cinematic Apocalypse album series is out. Read more→

Sencit Music: Tenth Dimension Volume 14

The fourteenth volume of Tenth Dimension, recorded live in Budapest, was recently released by Sencit Music. Read more→

Introducing Chop House Music

Founded by Kyle Robertson, Chop House Music is a recent trailer music library. Read more→

Megatrax: Rock Hybrid Trailers Vol. 03 and 04

Both albums offer a high-octane blend of rock, electronica and orchestral themes for trailers, videogames and sports. Read more→

audiomachine: Intros

Contrasting with previous albums, Intros is the company’s new industry release. Read more→

Fringe Element: Crimson

Crimson is a brand new release from Fringe Element.
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‘Bloodborne’ Original Trailer Music: Interview with The Hit House

Learn more about the creation of “Hunt You Down”, a custom track composed by The Hit House to promote the new video game Bloodborne.
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