Junkies For Epic Music

The Epic French Connection: Volume 01

The group of French composers just released their first compilation.

Chroma: Sampler Vol. 02

A new opus is out, following the successful release of Sampler Vol. 01.

GrooveWorx Trailers: Hypox

GrooveWorx releases a dark and contagious album. Extreme caution is recommended!

West One Music: Ultimate Trailers

An album of hard-hitting epic action music.

Future World Music Releases ‘Zero Hour’ to the Public for Christmas

Fans can now purchase the album on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

Really Slow Motion: The Vortex

This epic, hard-hitting and action-packed hybrid album is ready for 2015 upcoming blockbusters!

Goddess: Interview with the Singers from Twisted Jukebox’s New Release

Discover Twisted Jukebox’s new album, featuring epic female vocal trailer music. 

Chroma: J2/LV Part 1

J2 and Lucas Vidal collaborated for this new release.

KPM Trailers: Storm

Out of the storm came the sound of drums… Discover the debut album from KPM’s new label.

‘Second Earth': A Crowdfunding Project to Record Devesh Sodha’s Album Live

The album will be recorded live in Budapest, and published by Really Slow Motion.

Q-Factory’s New Singles

Triumphant and epic, this collection is your go-to for your gut-wrenching and feel-good movie trailers and TV spots!

Fringe Element: Triton

This new album delivers modern, cinematic and dramatic music.

New Epic Music from X-Ray Dog!

The company recently released Master, Leader, Shepherd and Pure Bred. And yes, it’s epic.

Cinetrax: Epicus 2

Epic, dramatic and cinematic music.

Selectracks: Critical Mass Vol. 04 – Retribution

David Reynolds releases a new album through Selectracks.

Fired Earth Music: Unbreakable EP

The album, composed by Daniel Heath, blends pop and epic orchestral music.