Junkies For Epic Music

Full Tilt: Ethos

The latest opus from the Full Tilt series is a driving rock/orchestral album.

Fringe Element: Evolution

The first public album from the company, featuring some of their iconic tracks.

Really Slow Motion: Exitium

The debut album of their new label, GianTapes Music. Terribly epic!

Dos Brains: Fearless

The second album from the Silver Screen catalog.

GrooveWorx: Abattoir

A brutal and dark EP, composed by the famous Tyler Bates.

audiomachine: Monolith

A powerful, aggressive album, composed by Kevin Rix.

Sub Pub Music: The Cauldron Born

A remastered version of the hybrid/orchestral album is out.

Must Save Jane!: Ethereal Supernova

A modern collection of positive, driving and epic cues. 

switch.: Aeon

Epic sci-fi drama music, composed by Nick Murray and Jeremiah Pena.

Fired Earth Music: Legends of Time

An orchestral fantasy adventure album by David Buckley and Robert Bennett.

Music for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Some of the music used in promos is available to the public for purchase.

Audio Network: Orchestral Trailers

Epic new music composed by Terry Devine-King!

Philippe Rey and Felicia Farerre: In Excelsis

A heart-rending, soaring and inspiring compilation.