Trailer Music News was founded in early 2008 and was a pioneer in covering the world of music for motion picture advertising, and more particularly epic trailer music. Through exclusive interviews and the latest news, Trailer Music News brought together a community of epic music listeners, movie trailer fans, composers, music supervisors, and other members of the production music industry. The site is devoted to presenting epic trailer music as not just the harmony of orchestra and choir, nor just the union of music and motion pictures, but as a cohesive force that binds a community. We are fans of epic music and want to celebrate the artists that create it.

What is epic music? Epic, while an often overused term, is a matter of taste and subjectivity, but to us it is thrilling orchestral music that features spine shivering choral sound, sweeping melodies, dramatic harmonies, hard hitting guitars, bone chilling sound design or larger than life percussion. Epic music can be found not just in motion picture advertising, but also film soundtracks, video game scores, and stand-alone albums. The definition might change, but Trailer Music News will always cover outstanding work.

We are geographically diverse. Trailer Music News has contributors in Los Angeles, Paris, Budapest and Graz. The staff is growing and changing as the site evolves, but our enthusiasm remains constant.

We believe epic music can inspire. In trailers it makes people excited about an upcoming film. On it’s own, it might strengthen one’s creativity, or improve productivity. Trailer Music News believes that epic music can ultimately influence the world in a better way.