Position Music: Recent Trailer Music Releases

Here’s a recap of  trailer music albums released by Position Music over the past twelve months, that may be of interest for fans of epic music and similar genres.

Time Stands Still is a modern sound design/orchestral album offering ethereal, sweeping and suspenseful music. It features Jeff Broadbent and Asja Kadric.

Don’t miss Soundtracks and Trailer Music’s great article about this album, describing its concept as “emotional sound design”. The entire album is available for listening on the Position Music website.

Ascension is an epic orchestral release composed by Kendall Barwick. You can listen to the album on the Position Music website or purchase it on iTunes and Amazon.

Into Oblivion is an hybrid electro/orchestra/sound design album, packed with action and suspense. Into Oblivion was composed by Nick Kaelar (also known as Varien). You can explore the album on the Position Music website or buy it on iTunes and Amazon.

Transcension is an inspiring, uplifting, sweeping, orchestral album by Todd Haberman. It also features Josh Klein on one of the tracks. It is available for listening on the Position Music website.

Abstraction was composed by Jack Trammell and consists of dark, aggressive and suspenseful hybrid music. The track “Recurrence” was used in the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launch trailer.

The album is on the Position Music websiteiTunes and Amazon.

Reveal, composed by James Dooley, is an album of dark, dramatic hybrid/orchestral music. It is available for listening on the Position Music website.

Escape Velocity is a rather diverse album from 2WEI, massive at times, emotional at others, delivering dark and dramatic hybrid/orchestral music. The track “Catapult” was featured in the Wonder Woman trailer 2.

The album is on the Position Music website.

Massivity is a dark and energetic collection of metal/orchestral tracks by Damned Anthem. It is available on the Position Music website, as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

Another Look, composed by Bryce Jacobs,  is a rather ethereal EP, both modern and featuring some ethnic influences. You can listen to it on the Position Music website or purchase it on iTunes and Amazon.

Awakening is the debut album from Joseph William Morgan. Modern and inspiring, it delivers massive, epic, hybrid/orchestral music, recorded live at AIR Studios. The album is on the Position Music website, iTunes and Amazon.

Limitless, featuring Harry Lightfoot, consists of uplifting and triumphant orchestral music. You will find the album on Position Music website, iTunes and Amazon.

Finally, Erode by Nick Road offers dramatic and epic hybrid/orchestral music. You can explore it on the Position Music website.

PS: Cronos, composed by Jo Blankenburg and also published by Position Music, was featured in another article.

Some of these albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Position Music.

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2 responses to “Position Music: Recent Trailer Music Releases”

  1. Oscar Bates says:

    Haven’t listened to most of these, but Limitless is excellent. Not as a good as Lightfoot’s older work but still full of his magic. Might check out more of PM’s work if this is what they have to live up to.

    • Clothilde Lebrun says:

      These releases are very diverse but, depending on your tastes, you may find some very pleasant albums 😉

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October 14, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun