Audio Network: Supervoid

Supervoid is part of Audio Impact’s new collection, Maximum Impact. 

Composed by Mark Petrie, Cody Still and Andrew Prahlow, it offers massive, dark, dramatic and action-packed hybrid music.

“Maximum Impact is our new collection of epic trailer music composed, recorded and produced to create an intense emotional score for trailers [and] achieve maximum impact!” Audio Network says. Supervoid moves into a more hybrid world with electronic production, synths and sweeps”. The album was recorded at Abbey Road and, “to create as epic a sound as possible, mixed in LA by Satoshi Noguchi who has brought a real dynamism to the production.”

A full preview of the album is available on Audio Network’s website.

Supervoid is available to the public for purchase through iTunes. For licensing information, contact Audio Network.

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August 1, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun