Demented Sound Mafia: ‘Symphonic Synthesis’ and ‘V I S I T O R’

The Demented Sound Mafia catalog features two new additions, Symphonic Synthesis and V I S I T O R.

Symphonic Synthesis is an epic, dramatic, inspiring, emotional and futuristic album, sometimes reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Oblivion and the Interstellar soundtracks. Symphonic Synthesis was composed by Alexander Okunev and remixed by Harel Tsemah.

“Orchestral maestro Alexander Okunev and EDM Remix genius Harel Tsemah (aka Harland) joined forces to create a stunning 12 cue album that fuses their very different musical talents”, Demented Sound Mafia says. “The goal was to write an album that relies on strong epic orchestral fundamentals, then remix the “f” out of them and create additional arpeggiated synthesized layers and sound design that bring new life into these beauties. Reminiscent of the soundtrack for Interstellar and the music of M83, Jean-Michel Jarre and recent work by Junkie XL, this album is a standalone artistic expression that will be appreciated by audiophiles and editors alike.”

V I S I T O R was composed by Yair Albeg Wein and consists of vocal sound design. It is a powerful and compelling album.

“V I S I T O R is a vocal sound design concept release developed by Yair Albeg Wein. Seriously disturbed vocal effects meshed with organic sound design elements and tribal sacrificial chants. These compositions fall somewhere in between music and sound design and will work well in action, psychological thriller, sci-fi, horror/haunting film trailers, video games and promos. Huge, warm sounding mixes with a very original sound palette that doesn’t sound like typical hybrid sound design.”

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Songs To Your Eyes.

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July 24, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun