Colossal Trailer Music: ‘Cascades’ and ‘Drowning Abyss 2’

Colossal Trailer Music recently released two premium albums, Cascades and Drowning Abyss 2.

Cascades was composed by Torsti Spoof and offers sweeping and emotional orchestral music. The tracks include “emotive and sentimental moods and grand cinematic themes”, as the company notes. “Uplifting brass and strings arrangements, melodic synth pads and arpeggios” are combined to deliver “beautiful, hopeful” and “intriguing” music.

Drowning Abyss 2 is a new opus of the album series of the same nameinspired by pirates and heroic sea adventures. Drowning Abyss 2 delivers “triumphant themes, powerful percussion and intense, powerful and victorious choir arrangements”, Colossal Trailer Music explains. “Avast, me mateys! ’Tis a fine album has dropped anchor. A trailer music treasure trove is on the horizon, and you, our trusted listeners, are at the helm!”

Drowning Abyss 2 was composed by Torsti Spoof, Roman Heuser, Gabriel Saban, Philippe Briand, Hybrid Chronicles, Ravenia, Andrea Bellucci, Florian Linckus, Alexandre Guiraud, Christoph Allerstorfer, Omar Raafat and Alexandros Nikolaidis.

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Colossal Trailer Music.

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April 19, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun