Revolt Production Music: Latest Releases

The Revolt Production Music keeps expanding fast. Here are the latest hybrid or orchestral albums – Infinity, Treasure Hunter, Juggernaut’s Wrath 2, Convolution, Phenomenon, The Journey, and Sovereignty. 

Infinity is a futuristic, suspenseful and dramatic electronic album, reminiscent of the Tron: Legacy movie soundtrack.

Composed by Philippe Briand and Gabriel Saban, Infinity is a “sparse and subtle ethereal orchestral tension album, with dreamy textures, mesmerizing string themes and emotional, evocative pulsating pads and drones”, according to Revolt Production Music. “This beautiful and atmospheric album is the perfect underscore for any scene needing that unique blend of intense yet awe-inspiring emotive melodic tension”.

Infinity is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

Treasure Hunter is a comedy/adventure album with a burlesque atmosphere. Composed by Daniel Burnette, Treasure Hunter is a “fun, quirky, and vibrant orchestral album with invigorating chase motifs, big cinematic string arrangements, powerful percussion patterns, catchy horn and brass themes, with dramatic, sparse and intriguing openings”.

Treasure Hunter is on iTunes and Amazon.

Juggernaut’s Wrath 2 is an action-packed, suspenseful and hard-hitting hybrid/orchestral album – an “epic and aggressive hybrid-orchestral dramatic album with glitchy industrial elements, triumphant choir, intense and heroic string and brass arrangements and eerie, dirty and sinister sound design”.

Juggernaut’s Wrath 2 features a large team of composers – Alexandros Nikolaidis, Peter Jeremias, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Artem Gribov, Vlado Hudec, Brooke Mitchell, Bryan Nguyen, Dmitriy Mityukhin, Flaviu Ciocan, Márton Horváth, Irving Victoria, Julian Lee, Kyle Booth, Martin Cap, Sergey Azbel, Tihomir Hristozov and Vedran Kapetinic.

You can find the album on iTunes and Amazon.

Convolution offers aggressive, dramatic, epic and hybrid/orchestral music, with “glitchy industrial sound design, epic and triumphant choir, heroic and victorious string and brass arrangements and dirty sinister distorted guitars.”

Convolution was composed by Alec Johnson and can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

Phenomenon is an aggressive and action-packed album, full of impact. It features “epic and triumphant choir, heroic and victorious string and brass arrangements, glitchy industrial sound design and sinister distorted dirty guitars”. Phenomenon was composed by Dmitry Mityukhin and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Journey delivers inspiring, uplifting and positive music. The Journey is an “exhilarating, vibrant, and melodic orchestral adventure album, with epic choir, evocative vocals, cinematic string arrangements, victorious horn and brass themes, and dramatic, sparse and mysterious openings”.

This album was composed by David Butler, Michael Shannon, Paul Kelly, and River Reinking. It is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Sovereignty is the latest release from Revolt Production Music. Heroic, massive and modern, this hybrid/orchestral album was composed by Martin Emilio Insaurgarat.

Sovereignty is an aggressive and powerful hybrid orchestral album with epic and cinematic choir, heroic and victorious string and brass arrangements, glitchy industrial sound design and sinister distorted dirty synths”. The album is on iTunes and Amazon.

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  1. Clément says:

    Great releases by RPM.

    Also looking forward to listening to their freshly announced album “Gates of Heaven 2” !

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January 29, 2017
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