Killer Tracks: Legacy

Killer Tracks is back with Legacy, an album of epic and uplifting indie/pop trailer music.

Legacy fuses “modern pop elements with quintessential trailer sounds”, according to Killer Tracks. The album was recorded live in Budapest with the Hungarian Studio Orchestra.

Here’s a behind-the-scene video, including interviews with executive producer Ryan Perez-Daple and composers, Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman and Billy Van – as they walk you through an epic collaborative journey:

Legacy was composed by Gregg Lehrman, Cyrus Reynolds, Boris Nonte, Phillip Howard, William Patrick Van Alstine, Sarah Westen Rasmussen, Ali Meredith-Lacey, Anthony Starble, Keeley Bumford, John Christopher Nye, Alexandra Schultz, Jay Stolar, Connor Shambrook, and Jeffrey Kolhede.

The album is available for listening on Killer Tracks’ website.

Legacy is available to the public for purchase via iTunes and AmazonFor licensing information, contact Killer Tracks.

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January 23, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun