Colossal Trailer Music: ‘Zeitgeist’, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Encounters’

The Colossal Trailer Music catalog features three new industry releases, Zeitgeist, Supernova and Encounters. The artworks were made by Ryo Ishido-Brighton.

Zeitgeist is a collection of industrial, hard-hitting and futuristic hybrid orchestra/sound design tracks. Zeitgeist includes “aggressive and destructive hybrid orchestral sound-design tracks with industrial synth elements, triumphant choir, intense and heroic string and brass arrangements, dirty and sinister soundscapes, with edgy dark undertones, dramatic risers and thundering impacts”, Colossal Trailer Music notes.

This album was composed by Nick Road, Cody Still, Ciaran Birch, Kevin Sargent, Daniel Beijbom, Mattia Turzo, Joshua Crispin (Generdyn), Sergey Azbel, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Christoph Allerstorfer, Martin Hasseldam, Martin Cap, Kyle Booth, and Hybrid Chronicles.

Supernova is an inspiring, uplifting and sometimes dramatic album, with “triumphant choir themes, cinematic strings and victorious brass arrangements with sparse and hopeful openings and powerful apocalyptic heroic finales”

Supernova was composed by Torsti Spoof, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Dmitriy Mityukhin, Ravenia, Hybrid Chronicles, Alex Plowright, Christopher Schmidt, Kyle Booth, Alexandre Guiraud, Christoph Allerstorfer, Mathieu Hallouin & Jonathan Mayer, Amir Marcus & Stephan Fischer (EXM Productions), Iliya Zaki & Elias Nilsson, Andreas Kübler, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Ricky Kendall, Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban.

Encounters offers dark and eerie underscores and sound design – it is a “glitchy deep space exploration underscore album with creepy hybrid horror soundscapes and textures, brooding drones and sound design, killer drops, heart stopping surprises, bone-chilling alien-like ghostly screams, evil whispers, and sinister ominous undertones from the darkest depths of space”.

Encounters was composed by Daniel Lenz, Nick Road, Brent Daniels, Kevin Sargent, Rich Davis, Ciarán Birch, Martin Cap, Jacopo Cicatiello, Flaviu Ciocan, Márton Horváth, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Andreas Kübler, Megan McDuffee, Damon Baxter and Mikkel Heimbürger.

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Colossal Trailer Music.

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January 23, 2017
Clothilde Lebrun