Colossal Trailer Music: Myths & Legends, Solenoid X, and Return of the Forgotten

Don’t miss the latest releases from Colossal Trailer Music – perfect for blockbuster movie trailers.

Myths & Legends is an epic, heroic, action-packed, orchestral album composed by Alexandros Nikolaidis. “Myths & Legends is an epic hybrid of dark and emotional orchestral elements with triumphant choir themes, heroic cinematic strings, victorious brass arrangements and sparse emotional and melancholy openings, blended with powerful modern sound design features”. The cover art was made by Vincent Lefevre.

Solenoid X offers industrial hybrid music – action-packed, hard-hitting, and driving at times. The album features many different composers – Daniel Lenz, Brent Daniels, Danny McCarthy, Nick Road, Martin Hasseldam, Alexander Plowright, Kyle Booth, Alexander David Norman, Beyond Awakening (featuring Red Moth), Martin Cap, Andreas Kübler, Julian Lee, Cody Still, Dan Brown Jr, Kevin Sargent, Dmitriy Mityukhin, Alessandro Camnasio, Ivo Porreca, Christian Fernando Perucchi and Santiago Linietsky.

Solenoid X is an explosive, aggressive and hard hitting industrial sound design album with dirty distorted lofi drums and percussion, glitchy and filthy synths, edgy bit-crushed guitars, destructive risers, and thundering impacts and sub-booms”. The cover art was made by Ryo Ishido.

One of the tracks from Solenoid X, “Rancor”, was featured in a TV spot for Doctor Strange:

Return of the Forgotten offers music with magic, adventure, mystery and sometimes melancholy as well. The album was composed by Torsti Spoof. “Return Of The Forgotten is a magical and mystical orchestral album with subtle dark mysterious themes, eerie looming tension buildups, and a sense of something otherworldly lurking nearby. It features grand cinematic strings, victorious brass and triumphant choir arrangements with sparse intriguing openings and powerful heroic finales.” The cover art was made  by Ryo Ishido-Brighton.

On a side note, don’t miss the Underworld: Blood Wars trailer, featuring the track “Icarus Lives” from the album Eclipticon, released earlier by Colossal Trailer Music.

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Colossal Trailer Music.

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November 2, 2016
Clothilde Lebrun