X-Ray Dog: ‘Sir Barksalot’, ‘St. Bernard’ and ‘Rabid’

Two orchestral releases are among the new additions to the X-Ray Dog catalog over the last months – Sir Barksalot and St. Bernard. If you’re into cinematic and action-packed rock, you may also enjoy the brand new Rabid. 

Sir Barksalot is an exciting and uplifting collection of “orchestral family adventure and comedy”, composed by Michael Rubino, Richard Birdsall, Steve Rucker, Rolf Anton Krueger, Lior Rosner, Alistair Cooper, Chad C. Reisser, Assaf Rinde, Mark Griskey, Brad Marrapodi, Inon Zur, Justin Bateman Knox and Daniel Kaplan Mandelman. The album can be explored on the BMG Production Music website.

St. Bernard includes dramatic epic and orchestral tracks, driving at times, as well as one song. This “epic/fantasy/adventure/uplifting” album was composed by Rolf Anton Krueger, Sarah Louise McIntosh, Jacob Fatoorechi, Jaco Caraco, Lior Rosner, Jack Lawrence Starbuck Wilson, Chad C. Reisser, Corey Weldon Witt, Gregg Lehrman, Boris Nonte and Christopher Scott Icenogle. The album can be explored on the BMG Production Music website.

x-ray dog - st bernard

Finally, X-Ray Dog’s brand new release Rabid offers a very different style of music, but if you’re into cinematic, driving and action-packed rock, this is for you. Rabid consists indeed of “gritty, dark, cinematic blues, bad ass swagger rock” with “hints of modern spaghetti western action drama, full of unabashedly dirty riffs and fist-pumpin’, foot-stompin’, arena-packin’ rock’n roll”.

x-ray dog - rabid

Rabid was composed by Sarah Louise McIntosh, Jeremy Noel William Abbott,  Jaco Caraco, Jacob Fatoorechi, Michael Miley, LeakyBrain, Dillon Pace, Steve Ouimette, Juan Carlos Suarez, Cat Gray,  Ian Christian Nickus, Michael Vincent Fonte, Lior Rosner, and Christopher Scott Icenogle. The album can be explored on the BMG Production Music website.

X-Ray Dog’s music is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact the company.

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May 15, 2016
Clothilde Lebrun