Must Save Jane: Heroes

Must Save Jane’s latest epic release is Heroes, an album of dramatic and heroic music, with orchestra and choir. “I’ve been transported… Some kind of medieval fortress”, says the company. “A soldier enters the room and acts like he knows me; “Master! The Omen’s armies have come to do battle, they’re chanting her name, JANE!””

Heroes was composed by Harry Lightfoot. The entire album can be previewed on the Must Save Jane website.

Other notable releases in a rather epic genre from Must Save Jane include Xenology (futuristic hybrid electronic/orchestral music by Juggernaut Kid), SuperMassive Singularity (modern and uplifting electronic/orchestral music by Lee Baker), Dead, dead, dead (hybrid/orchestral music by various composers), Family Blockbuster (comedy/family/adventure music by Jim Dooley), and Wrath of the Juggernaut (dramatic and suspenseful hybrid/orchestral music by Juggernaut Kid and Martha Bean).

Heroes is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Must Save Jane.

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