Glory, Oath & Blood: Fearless

Glory, Oath & Blood’s latest release, Fearless, is an orchestral/hybrid album recorded live in Budapest with 136 musicians (orchestra and choir) and offering dramatic, suspenseful and action-packed music.

As Glory, Oath & Blood explains, Fearless redefines “the new sound of modern action trailers”. This album is “a relentless thrill-ride of dazzling electronics and blazing orchestral power. Featuring a massive live orchestra and the talents of some of today’s hottest epic electro artists. Every track burns with white hot energy and unapologetic badass-itude. Cool and devilishly fun. Suspenseful and dramatic. Because dangerous is sexy. Because you only live once. Charge into the flames with Glory Oath + Blood and become the legend!”

This album is the result of a collaboration between Robert Bennett (who wrote the orchestral part) and Generdyn, Jaroslav Beck, Russell McKamey, and Danny McCarthy, who worked on the electronic part. Go behind the scenes in the videos below to learn more about the album concept and the writing process:

The album will be released to the public in June 2016.

For licensing information, contact David Epstein at Non-stop Trailers.

UPDATE – July 20, 2016: Fearless is now available to the public for purchase through Itunes and Amazon.

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May 15, 2016
Clothilde Lebrun