Really Slow Motion: Supremacy

Really Slow Motion’s latest industry release, entitled Supremacy, is a modern and thrilling collection of intense, dramatic, suspenseful and emotional hybrid/orchestral tracks.

The album features various composers. The artwork was made by Walid Feghali.

A couple of tracks from this album will be included in Really Slow Motion’s upcoming compilation Battle Angel, which will be available for public purchase on March 18. This fan-oriented album will also contains tracks from industry releases such as Golden Abyss, Incendus, Illume, the X Files series, The Vortex, Cosmic Power, Abrasion, Grandiose, as well as some unreleased (!) music… Stay tuned!

really slow motion - battle angel (teaser)

Supremacy is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Really Slow Motion.

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