Really Slow Motion’s Latest Industry Releases

For the curious ones, here are the latest (and exciting!) industry releases from Really Slow Motion over the last months.

All the artworks were made by Ryo Ishido, except for Dragon (artwork made by Koke Nunez Gomez).


Grandiose is an inspiring, uplifting and sweeping album, delivering “modern orchestral trailer music” with an epic touch.


Abrasion is an album of “hybrid action trailer music”. Dark, hard-hitting, suspenseful and action-packed, Abrasion offers a good dose of adrenaline.

Placements include Deadpool (with the track “Nightshade”) and Divergent: Allegiant Part 1 (with “Everlasting Legacy”)

The track “Retribution” is also available for listening on Youtube:


Intense, fast-paced and action-packed, Firestarter is an album of “epic choral trailer music”.


The most recent release is Dragon, an album that marks the third collaboration between Epic North Music and Really Slow Motion, after the successful Mammoth and Arcadia. Epic, dramatic and viking-esque, Dragon consists of “hard-hitting orchestral music with hybrid elements and cataclysmic intensity designed for a new wave of epic and dark trailers. ” The album is currently available to professionals only, but should be released to the public later this year.

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Really Slow Motion.

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January 24, 2016
Clothilde Lebrun